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authorJohn Camelon2003-07-04 18:36:47 +0000
committerJohn Camelon2003-07-04 18:36:47 +0000
commit8b844d54f156b1a762e4719145cd624225a82839 (patch)
tree404326aee3385f2e385658368fb1709b9c550b36 /core/org.eclipse.cdt.core/ChangeLog
parent2e6093590f9042739ece8f185717dc2fdfe0f67a (diff)
Patch for Sean Evoy.
The change logs contain an overview of what has been done to implement a new interface between a build model (any build model) and clients of the model that need to extract include search paths and defined symbols. For the most part, I have tried to leave the old build system as unchanged as possible. For example, project properties like the make search path, and whether or not to continue on build failures are still stored as persistent properties on the project through the CNature (ugh). The new information I have added is managed by a new build manager on a per-project basis and is associated with a project as a session property. The information is persisted in the 'cdtbuild' file introduced by the new managed build system.
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diff --git a/core/org.eclipse.cdt.core/ChangeLog b/core/org.eclipse.cdt.core/ChangeLog
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+++ b/core/org.eclipse.cdt.core/ChangeLog
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* src/org/eclipse/cdt/internal/core/model/
+2003-07-03 Sean Evoy
+ New schema and extension point for registering an interface
+ between the build system (managed and standard) and the scanner
+ clients that need it (like the indexer).
+ * plugin.xml
+ * schema/ScannerInfoProvider.exsd
+ Added some documentation to the schema for managed build information
+ * schema/ManagedBuildTools.exsd
+ Added three new interfaces for getting build information for the scanner.
+ IScannerInfo contains the actual information the scanner needs and is passed
+ to the scanner by the build model. IScannerInfoChangeListener is the interface
+ that must be implemented by the scanner client that uses the IScannerInfo.
+ IScannerInfoProvider is the interface implemented by the build model. It is
+ registered through an extension point so clients can discover providers at
+ run time. IScannerInfoListener implementors subscribe and unsubscribe with the
+ provider and the provider passes them the IScannerInfo when it changes.
+ * parser/org/eclipse/cdt/core/parser/
+ * parser/org/eclipse/cdt/core/parser/
+ * parser/org/eclipse/cdt/core/parser/
+ Changed the name of some of the managed build system elements.
+ * build/org/eclipse/cdt/core/build/managed/
+ This resulted in superficial changes to the Target and ManagedBuildManager
+ * build/org/eclipse/cdt/internal/core/build/managed/
+ Implemented the new scanner interfaces in the managed system
+ * build/org/eclipse/cdt/internal/core/build/managed/
+ * build/org/eclipse/cdt/core/build/managed/
+ Added a new manager for the standard make system that implements the new
+ scanner interfaces. This manager uses the .cdtbuild file to persist
+ include path and symbol information (in otherwords, real build information).
+ Like the managed build manager, it also gives clients access to the build
+ information associated with a project. It does not effect the older preferences
+ which are still managed by the CNature.
+ * build/org/eclipse/cdt/core/build/standard/
+ Removed the responsibiolity for includes paths and symbols from CNature
+ added in last patch.
+ * src/org/eclipse/cdt/core/
+ Added code for persisting the standard build information for includes paths and
+ symbols in a file, and implemented the IScannerInfo interface in the BuildInfoFactory.
+ Did not rename it, although ...
+ * src/org/eclipse/cdt/core/
+ I did rename the interface it implements since it was the only reference
+ * src/org/eclipse/cdt/core/resources/
2003-06-26 Sean Evoy
Added methods to add and extract include paths and preprocessor
symbols from standard make C and C++ projects.

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