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authorSean Evoy2004-02-26 15:53:54 -0500
committerSean Evoy2004-02-26 15:53:54 -0500
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Work for C14, add the ability to inherit a tool description via a tool
reference. Changed the schema to allow a tool reference to belong to a target. * schema/ManagedBuildTools.exsd Changed the manifest logic in the managed build manager to load and retrieve tool definitions as well as target definitions. The schema allowed for this, but the logic was missing. * src/org/eclipse/cdt/managedbuilder/core/ Made some bookeeping additions to the target so that it can store references to tools. First, the target loads any tool references it has. Then it loads tools and configurations. The target also has to consider the presence of tool references when it determines how many tools it has, so the logic that counted and returned the number of tools in the target was updated. Some key changes in this regard relate to how the target looks up the tool references it has. It now has to ask the managed build info if it has a tool definition for the reference if there are no tools defined for the target level for a given reference. * src/org/eclipse/cdt/managedbuilder/internal/core/ Tool references now have the potential to be owned by either a target or a configuration. Changed the owner to the superclass of both and figure out which the parent is at runtime to perform the proper registration and information look-up. Also removed the reference to a target from a tool and the interface to extract the target from ITool. * src/org/eclipse/cdt/managedbuilder/core/ * src/org/eclipse/cdt/managedbuilder/internal/core/ * src/org/eclipse/cdt/managedbuilder/internal/core/ An unrelated bug had to do with a problem my testing uncovered with nested categories. The manifest reader was looking at the wrong field to determine the parent, but for the manifests we have created, this has not proven to be a problem so far. * src/org/eclipse/cdt/managedbuilder/core/ * src/org/eclipse/cdt/managedbuilder/core/
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