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authorJeff Johnston2017-02-09 23:43:05 +0000
committerJeff Johnston2017-10-22 09:38:51 +0000
commitc96d126b86382356caec9b8ee961e37b84313f6b (patch)
treef48f38e68d303c6d8c7d9f1b30d22f3c8ea3c59e /build/org.eclipse.cdt.autotools.core
parent4c1a6e0ccd90da71cb6d2e7cacfc284a07b180b8 (diff)
Bug 513589 - Add support to build CDT projects in a Docker Container
- add IOptionalBuildObjectPropertiesContainer interface to use for objects that supply optional build properties - add new IOptionalBuildProperties interface that defines optional build properties donated by external plug-ins - add new - change IConfiguration to an IOptionalBuildObjectPropertiesContainer - change IManagedProject to be an IOptionalBuildObjectPropertiesContainer - fix ProcessClosure to ensure that readers are not null before accessing them - fix Container launch delegate to look at project optional build properties for active configuration to fetch connection and image info and use said info to find a matching launch or create a new one - have Container launch delegate use the image name as part of the launch config name - have Container launch short-cut also use the project's optional build properties for the active config to get connection and image information before any defaulting - change AutotoolsNewMarkerGenerator to store the command launcher as an ICommandLauncher - add new CommandLauncherFactory extension to cdt.core that allows plug-ins to specify a CommandLauncherFactory that will return an ICommandLauncher based on the project - add macros for new extension to CCorePlugin - add new CommandLauncherManager class that loads CommandLauncherFactory extensions and is used to give an ICommandLauncher wrapper that will go through the list of CommandLauncherFactory extensions until one returns non-null ICommandLauncher - add code to RemoteCommandLauncher so it will use the CommandLauncherManager to get the local launcher - also change RemoteCommandLauncher to check at execution time whether the command is local and in that case use the local command launcher - add new ICommandLauncherFactory interface - add new ContainerCommandLauncher to launch - add new ContainerCommandLauncherFactory class for returning a ContainerCommandLauncher instance to launch commands in a Docker Container - change MakeBuilder to use CommandLauncherManager to get its ICommandLauncher - change CommandBuilder to use CommandLauncherManager too - ditto for Builder and AbstractBuiltinSpecsDetector and ExternalToolInvoker - change Configuration to load/store optional build properties as well as return the properties to get/set - ditto for MultiConfiguration - change ManagedProject to implement IOptionalBuildOptionProperties interface - ditto for ProjectType - create new OptionalBuildProperties class to store optional build properties for a configuration - bump cdt.docker.launcher to 1.1.0 - use CommandLauncherFactory extension to define ContainerCommandLauncherFactory - add optional ContainerPropertyTab which allows the end-user to optionally choose to build a C/C++ project in a Container and specify the connection/image to use - in LanguageSettingsSerializableSettings class, call the CommandLauncherManager getLanguageSettingEntries method to get the massaged language setting entries based on the current list - in LanguageSettingsProviderSerializer, try and get the pooled entries using the cfg description so that it will have the project and can use the CommandLauncherManager to get entries from image - in ContainerCommandLauncherFactory move cached headers under a HEADERS directory in the plug-in area - create a sub-directory for the connection and a sub-directory for the image based on cleansed names - store the real names of the connection and image to use later in the DockerHeaderPreferencePage - modify LanguageSettingsEntriesTab to force the horizontal scroll bar to appear (this is a bug in SWT SashForm support and the fix here isn't quite correct, but is better) - add new DockerHeaderPreferencePage that allows user to remove cached headers from images - change C/C++ Docker preferences to be titled: Docker Container - fix LanguageSettingsWorkspaceProvider.getSettingEntries method to use the CommandLauncherManager so entries will be transformed to use cached headers - add BaseDatabindingModel class - add DataVolumeModel class to model a volume mount - add ContainerPropertyVolumes model to model volume specification and selected volumes - add properties to ContainerCommandLauncher to represent volumes and selected volumes for a configuration - add ContainerDataVolumeDialog for specifying a volume mount by the end-user - add a null detector for cfgDescription in LanguageSettingsSerializableProvider - fix AutotoolsNewMakeGenerator.getWinOSType to not specify "." for working dir - fix GCCBuiltinSpecsDetectorCygwin to not map paths to Cygwin if the current configuration is enabled for container build - add logic to ContainerCommandLauncher to look for Windows file formats and change them to unix format and map any "." working dir to be /tmp - fix ContainerLauncherConfigurationDelegate similarly - fix AbstractBuiltinSpecsDetector to pass in the current configuration description when getting the CommandLauncher since the current configuration may not be the active configuration - change ContainerPropertyTab to add Elf and GNU Elf binary parsers when build in Container is chosen so that output executables are treated as Binaries by the CDT project - add documentationl for the ContainerPropertyTab in Build Settings and the Data Volume dialog pop-up it brings up - change CommandBuilder to accept a project as an argument to its constructor and to pass this as an argument to the CommandLauncherManager - have StepBuilder pass project when creating a CommandBuilder Change-Id: Ia78488b93056e6ec7ca83a6c87b3a9d2b9424943
Diffstat (limited to 'build/org.eclipse.cdt.autotools.core')
1 files changed, 3 insertions, 3 deletions
diff --git a/build/org.eclipse.cdt.autotools.core/src/org/eclipse/cdt/internal/autotools/core/ b/build/org.eclipse.cdt.autotools.core/src/org/eclipse/cdt/internal/autotools/core/
index 813fd3b4b50..b94eab734ec 100644
--- a/build/org.eclipse.cdt.autotools.core/src/org/eclipse/cdt/internal/autotools/core/
+++ b/build/org.eclipse.cdt.autotools.core/src/org/eclipse/cdt/internal/autotools/core/
@@ -893,7 +893,7 @@ public class AutotoolsNewMakeGenerator extends MarkerGenerator {
// Get a launcher for the config command
- RemoteCommandLauncher launcher = new RemoteCommandLauncher();
+ ICommandLauncher launcher = new RemoteCommandLauncher();
// Set the environment
IEnvironmentVariable variables[] =
@@ -1042,7 +1042,7 @@ public class AutotoolsNewMakeGenerator extends MarkerGenerator {
new Path(SHELL_COMMAND), //$NON-NLS-1$
new String[] { "-c", "echo $OSTYPE" }, //$NON-NLS-1$ //$NON-NLS-2$
- new Path("."), //$NON-NLS-1$
+ buildLocation,
if (launcher.waitAndRead(out, out) == ICommandLauncher.OK)
winOSType = out.toString().trim();
@@ -1207,7 +1207,7 @@ public class AutotoolsNewMakeGenerator extends MarkerGenerator {
// Get a launcher for the config command
- RemoteCommandLauncher launcher = new RemoteCommandLauncher();
+ ICommandLauncher launcher = new RemoteCommandLauncher();
// Set the environment
IEnvironmentVariable variables[] =

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