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  <title>CDT @branchVersion@ Build @buildId@</title>
<h2>CDT @branchVersion@ Build @buildId@</h2>
<p><a href="build.log">Build Log</a></p>
<p><a href="compilelog.txt">Compile Log</a></p>
<p><a href="junits.html">JUnit Results</a></p>
<h3>CDT Master Feature</h3>
<a href=""></a>
To install CDT:
<li>Download the master zip file and put it somewhere on your machine.</li>
<li>Fire up Eclipse (The Platform Run-time 3.6 is minimum recommended)</li>
<li>Help->Install New Software...</li>
<li>Add... in the master zip as an Archive site</li>
<li>Under CDT Main Features select the one you want. C/C++ Development
Tools is the main one. The SDK adds in the schemas and source for
building extensions to the CDT. The C/C++ Development Platform is the
Tools without the GNU toolchain support.</li>
<li>You can install other neat things, including the Mylyn bridge, from
the CDT Optional Features category.</li>
<p>This feature has everything, including:</p>
<li>CDT Platform Feature - includes editor, search, builders, launch, debug, user documentation</li>
<li>CDT Runtime Feature - superset of platform feature that adds gnu toolchain integrations for build, debug and DSF gdb debugger.</li>
<li>CDT SDK Feature - superset of runtime that adds source and extension point schemas</li>
<li>GDB Hardware Debugging - provides a launch configuration for launching gdb to do hardware debugging.</li>
<li>XL C/C++ Compiler Support - provides an error parser and managed build support for IBM's XL C/C++ compilers.</li>
<li>XL C/C++ Compiler Support SDK - superset of XL C/C++ Compiler support that adds source.</li>
<li>LR Parser - provides a parser for the ISO/IEC 9899:1999 variant of the C programming language (aka C99) and the C++ programming language, 
generated from a grammar using the LPG parser generator.  The grammar can be reused and extended to 
create your own parser for variants on the C programming language.</li>
<li>LR Parser SDK - superset of LR Parser that adds source.</li>
<li>Unified Parallel C Support - Provides support for the Unified Parallel C programming language.  
Provides parsing/indexing infrastructure and language definition, allowing the UPC language to be recognized by CDT.  
Requires the LR parser feature.</li>
<li>Unified Parallel C Support SDK - superset of UPC support that adds source.</li>
<li>CDT Debugger Services Framework (DSF) Examples - DSF Examples including basic framework feature tutorial examples and the PDA debugger integration.</li>
<li>Eclipse Debugger for C/C++</li>
<li>Eclipse C/C++ Memory View Enhancements - Traditional Rendering, Find/Replace, Import/Export</li>
<li>CDT RSE Remote Launch - Launch configuration for launching CDT projects using the Remote Systems Explorer subsystems (includes source).</li>
<li>GCC Cross Compiler Support - Build integration and new project wizard support for GCC cross compilers.</li>
<li>CDT p2 Toolchain Installer - Eclipse p2-based installer for toolchains and libraries.</li>
<li>CDT Utilities - provides utilities for C/C++ Development Tools</li>
<li>C/C++ Code Analysis Framework (Codan) and Checkers</li>
<li>CDT Testing Feature - includes all test plugins required for running automated JUnit tests</li>

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