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BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
buffer-trace[534898] Provide a repository activity logEike Stepper4 years
bug_387564[500578] Invalid toString in CDOClassInfoImpl$RevisionWithIDEike Stepper6 years
bugs/240812Flattening SVN foldersEike Stepper11 years
bugs/323006[Bug 323006] [DB] Various PostgreSQL test failuresVictor Roldan Betancort10 years
bugs/323006bMissing changes on 323006: [DB] Various PostgreSQL test failuresvroldan9 years
bugs/350120Added weak reference for the viewEgidijus Vaisnora11 years
bugs/351078(no commit message)Eike Stepper11 years
bugs/352062[352062] [DB] Dawn PostgreSQL Issue: IllegalStateException: No typeStefan Winkler10 years
bugs/352204[352204] [Legacy] Failing event PREPARE in state CLEAN : state machine issue ...Eike Stepper11 years
bugs/360443Added test to all testEgidijus Vaisnora11 years
bugs/361819Disabling PROXY state checking as condition. Legacy mode seems toEgidijus Vaisnora11 years
bugs/362388[362388] Add CDORevisionManager.getObjectType() with demand loading Eike Stepper11 years
bugs/362982[362982] Add CDOTextResource and CDOBinaryResource Eike Stepper11 years
bugs/366686[366686] [DB] Reduce amount of update statements for non-audit mode Eike Stepper11 years
bugs/367356[367356] [DB] Reduce amount of update statements for non-audit mode Stefan Winkler11 years
bugs/369364[369364] [DB4O] Performance reports should be logged via a Tracer, notStefan Winkler11 years
bugs/369646[369646] [DB] ClassCastException after setBranch when server cacheStefan Winkler10 years
bugs/369799[369799] [MongoDB] Monitor Timeouts during large commits Stefan Winkler11 years
bugs/370105Added another missing if(TRACER.isEnabled()) - copy and paste error fromStefan Winkler11 years
bugs/377727Merge branch 'master' of git:// into bugs/...Stefan Winkler10 years
bugs/387563[387563] Generalize the "lock of new objects on commit" feature to the "lock/...Eike Stepper6 years
bugs/396743[396743] [DB] List size column mismatching the row entries Eike Stepper9 years
bugs/399306[399306] [Security] Add password managementChristian W. Damus9 years
bugs/399306a[399306] [Security] Add password managementChristian W. Damus9 years
bugs/405191[405191] NIL value not committed for unsettable attribute Eike Stepper9 years
bugs/409287[409287] ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException on rollback Eike Stepper9 years
bugs/411939[411939] CDOSessionImpl can "freeze" during invalidation reorderingEike Stepper9 years
bugs/418452[418452] [Security] Simplified security model editorEike Stepper9 years
bugs/418452a[418452] [Security] Simplified security model editorEike Stepper9 years
bugs/418454[418454] [Admin] Client API and UI for managing repositories in a serverChristian W. Damus9 years
bugs/418454a[418454] [Admin] Client API and UI for managing repositories in a serverEike Stepper9 years
bugs/426463[426463] ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException on rollback due to contains optimizat...Eike Stepper8 years
change/29794/20[439337] Have CDOLockState prefetch to improve loading time Esteban Dugueperoux8 years
change/59636/1[481382] Have default lock state always stored at commit with prefetchEsteban Dugueperoux7 years
committers/alagarde/bugzilla417483[417483] [Security] Issues in invalidation when missing write PermissionAlex Lagarde9 years
committers/cdamus/passwordsMerge branch 'refs/heads/committers/cdamus/security-editor' into committers/c...Christian W. Damus9 years
committers/cdamus/passwords-1[418452] [Security] Simplified security model editorChristian W. Damus9 years
committers/cdamus/security-editor[418452] [Security] Simplified security model editorChristian W. Damus9 years
committers/cdamus/security-editor-1[418452] [Security] Simplified security model editorChristian W. Damus9 years
committers/cdegroot/dev-1[356754] Raw replication of persistent locksCaspar De Groot11 years
committers/cdegroot/optionsTurning off all debug tracingCaspar De Groot11 years
committers/estepper/address-space[467442] Add Interactive Transaction Conflict Resolution Eike Stepper7 years
committers/estepper/analyze-commit-conflictsChanges for testingEike Stepper9 years
committers/estepper/before-bug-485787[Releng] Provision ECP Runtime featureEike Stepper7 years
committers/estepper/branchingreformatEike Stepper13 years
committers/estepper/bulk-inserts[Prototype] Bulk InsertsEike Stepper6 years
committers/estepper/commit-after-ddl[482886] A more aggressive fix that involves an extra commitEike Stepper7 years
committers/estepper/commit-after-ddl2Take 2Eike Stepper6 years
committers/estepper/commit-notification[256936] Support for Offline ModeEike Stepper13 years
committers/estepper/detach[204890] Implement detachEike Stepper14 years
committers/estepper/emf-compare-proxies[402371] fails with models that use ContainmentEike Stepper9 years
committers/estepper/emf-on-server[265435] Replace CDOModelElements by EModelElementsEike Stepper13 years
committers/estepper/evolution[256856] Support model evolutionEike Stepper4 years
committers/estepper/invalidations[414453] CDOSessionImpl can "freeze" during invalidation reordering Eike Stepper9 years
committers/estepper/lazy-content-adapter387563: Generalize the "lock of new objects on commit" feature to the "lock/u...Eike Stepper6 years
committers/estepper/lazy-contents[151560] Query Language for CDOEike Stepper16 years
committers/estepper/merger-2Fix merge markersEike Stepper9 years
committers/estepper/merger-3[396804] CDOMergingConflictResolver tests Eike Stepper9 years
committers/estepper/model-evolution[521029] LoadPackagesIndication can cause NPE on CDO server sideEike Stepper4 years
committers/estepper/model-evolution2[256856] Support model evolutionEike Stepper4 years
committers/estepper/multi-security[Prototype] Multitenant SecurityManagerEike Stepper18 months
committers/estepper/net4j-db[401763] Make CDO Server more robust against data dictionary changes Eike Stepper9 years
committers/estepper/net4j-db3[401763] Make CDO Server more robust against data dictionary changes Eike Stepper9 years
committers/estepper/objects-on-server[273562] Make EObjects available at the server-sideEike Stepper12 years
committers/estepper/ocl-integration[256931] Provide common query language for the clientEike Stepper14 years
committers/estepper/optimize-random-inserts[Mysql] Optimize Random InsertsEike Stepper7 years
committers/estepper/out-of-sequence-invalidationLet the test case fail earlierEike Stepper9 years
committers/estepper/papyrus[458349] Consolidate UI Eike Stepper8 years
committers/estepper/papyrus2[458349] Consolidate UI Eike Stepper8 years
committers/estepper/papyrus3[458349] Consolidate UI Eike Stepper7 years
committers/estepper/prepare-common-query*** empty log message ***Eike Stepper14 years
committers/estepper/redesign-dangling[283945] Prevent EObjects from being passed to a repositoryEike Stepper13 years
committers/estepper/rmfAdd .gitattributesEike Stepper10 years
committers/estepper/savepointsRedesign savepointsEike Stepper9 years
committers/estepper/setupMake the setup model more flexibleEike Stepper9 years
committers/estepper/signal-monitoring[251751] Provide progress monitoring for commit operationsEike Stepper14 years
committers/estepper/streaming[284307] Add support for streaming of large byte arrays / BLOBEike Stepper12 years
committers/estepper/structured-resources[249847] Store resources in a hierarchical structureEike Stepper14 years
committers/estepper/targletsImprove setup related models; add TargletsEike Stepper9 years
committers/estepper/thread-safe-viewsuppress adapter addition/removal excveptions if view is inactiveEike Stepper12 years
committers/estepper/unit-manager486458: Provide support for optimized loading and notifying of object units Eike Stepper7 years
committers/estepper/unit-manager-squashed[486458] Provide support for optimized loading and notifying of object units Eike Stepper7 years
committers/estepper/view-locking-optimizationTest modificationsEike Stepper6 years
committers/estepper/websocketsFix timing in SynchronizingCorrelatorTestEike Stepper2 years
committers/mfluegge/legacy-support[247226] Transparently support legacy modelsEike Stepper14 years
committers/mtaal/hibernate-store[217117] Develop a HibernateStoreEike Stepper14 years
committers/smcduff/merge-238414This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tagEike Stepper14 years
committers/smcduff/pre-0.9[233276] [JPA] Implement standard layer for persistence and Transaction mana...Simon McDuff14 years
committers/swinkler/custom-type-mappings[285426] [DB] Implement user-defined typeMapping supportStefan Winkler12 years
committers/swinkler/dbstore-refactoringTestcases use TCP connection again.Stefan Winkler13 years
committers/swinkler/performance-framework[237158] Provide Performance TestCase Stefan Winkler11 years
committers/swinkler/rangebased-20101025works 90% - some tests fail...Stefan Winkler12 years
committers/swinkler/testing-git[362388] Add CDORevisionManager.getObjectType() with demand loading Eike Stepper11 years
committers/vroldanbet/couchbase[414770] Implement Couchbase based IStore Victor Roldan Betancort9 years
master[Releng] Eliminate unused removeModule() method warning in LMEike Stepper3 weeks
streams/0.7-maintenancefixed manifestEike Stepper16 years
streams/1.0-maintenanceGanymede SR2Eike Stepper13 years
streams/2.0-maintenance[333260] Backport repo export featureCaspar De Groot12 years
streams/3.0-maintenanceadded promotion scriptEike Stepper12 years
streams/4.0-maintenanceFix QVTOML repo URL (m2m --> mmt)Eike Stepper10 years
streams/4.1-maintenanceCDOEditPlugin.CDOEditPlugin() uses uninitialized constantEike Stepper10 years
streams/4.2-maintenanceFix 4.2 buildEike Stepper8 years
streams/4.3-maintenance[436672] Including version 15 for google guava dependencyEike Stepper8 years
streams/4.4-maintenance[Releng] Enable tests and API reportsEike Stepper6 years
streams/4.5-maintenance[Releng] Adjust release.xml for Neon maintenanceEike Stepper6 years
tycho-migration[528979] Migrate build to Maven/TychoEike Stepper5 years

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