Uses of Interface

Packages that use ISignalProtocol
org.eclipse.net4j.signal A framework for request/response based communication on top of the Net4j transport layer. 
org.eclipse.net4j.signal.heartbeat A signal protocol implementation that realizes a configurable heart beat protocol. 

Uses of ISignalProtocol in org.eclipse.net4j.signal

Classes in org.eclipse.net4j.signal that implement ISignalProtocol
 class SignalProtocol<INFRA_STRUCTURE>
          The default implementation of a signal protocol.

Methods in org.eclipse.net4j.signal that return ISignalProtocol
 ISignalProtocol<INFRA_STRUCTURE> SignalFinishedEvent.getSource()
 ISignalProtocol<INFRA_STRUCTURE> SignalScheduledEvent.getSource()

Constructors in org.eclipse.net4j.signal with parameters of type ISignalProtocol
SignalCounter(ISignalProtocol<?> protocol)

Uses of ISignalProtocol in org.eclipse.net4j.signal.heartbeat

Classes in org.eclipse.net4j.signal.heartbeat that implement ISignalProtocol
 class HeartBeatProtocol
          A signal protocol that keeps the connector of its channel open or provides early deactivation feedback by exchanging periodic heart beats.
static class HeartBeatProtocol.Server
          The server-side implementation of a heart beat protocol.

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