Uses of Interface

Packages that use IDBAdapter
org.eclipse.net4j.db The Net4j DB framework. 
org.eclipse.net4j.db.ddl The Net4j DB framework concepts for the abstraction of the SQL data definition language. 
org.eclipse.net4j.db.derby The Net4j DB Framework support for Derby databases. 
org.eclipse.net4j.db.h2 The Net4j DB Framework support for H2 databases. 
org.eclipse.net4j.db.hsqldb The Net4j DB Framework support for HSQLDB databases. 
org.eclipse.net4j.db.mysql The Net4j DB Framework support for MYSQL databases. 
org.eclipse.net4j.db.postgresql The Net4j DB Framework support for PostgreSQL databases. 

Uses of IDBAdapter in org.eclipse.net4j.db

Fields in org.eclipse.net4j.db with type parameters of type IDBAdapter
static IRegistry<String,IDBAdapter> IDBAdapter.REGISTRY

Methods in org.eclipse.net4j.db that return IDBAdapter
static IDBAdapter DBUtil.getDBAdapter(String adapterName)
          Can only be used when Eclipse is running.

Uses of IDBAdapter in org.eclipse.net4j.db.ddl

Methods in org.eclipse.net4j.db.ddl with parameters of type IDBAdapter
 Set<IDBTable> IDBSchema.create(IDBAdapter dbAdapter, Connection connection)
 Set<IDBTable> IDBSchema.create(IDBAdapter dbAdapter, DataSource dataSource)
 Set<IDBTable> IDBSchema.create(IDBAdapter dbAdapter, IDBConnectionProvider connectionProvider)
 void IDBSchema.drop(IDBAdapter dbAdapter, Connection connection)
 void IDBSchema.drop(IDBAdapter dbAdapter, DataSource dataSource)
 void IDBSchema.drop(IDBAdapter dbAdapter, IDBConnectionProvider connectionProvider)

Uses of IDBAdapter in org.eclipse.net4j.db.derby

Classes in org.eclipse.net4j.db.derby that implement IDBAdapter
 class DerbyAdapter
 class EmbeddedDerbyAdapter

Uses of IDBAdapter in org.eclipse.net4j.db.h2

Classes in org.eclipse.net4j.db.h2 that implement IDBAdapter
 class H2Adapter

Uses of IDBAdapter in org.eclipse.net4j.db.hsqldb

Classes in org.eclipse.net4j.db.hsqldb that implement IDBAdapter
 class HSQLDBAdapter

Uses of IDBAdapter in org.eclipse.net4j.db.mysql

Classes in org.eclipse.net4j.db.mysql that implement IDBAdapter
 class MYSQLAdapter

Uses of IDBAdapter in org.eclipse.net4j.db.postgresql

Classes in org.eclipse.net4j.db.postgresql that implement IDBAdapter
 class PostgreSQLAdapter

Uses of IDBAdapter in org.eclipse.net4j.spi.db

Classes in org.eclipse.net4j.spi.db that implement IDBAdapter
 class org.eclipse.net4j.spi.db.DBAdapter

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