Uses of Interface

Packages that use CDOCommonRepository
org.eclipse.emf.cdo.server Server concepts for dealing with repositories and stores. 
org.eclipse.emf.cdo.session Client concepts for dealing with sessions to CDO repositories. 

Uses of CDOCommonRepository in org.eclipse.emf.cdo.server

Subinterfaces of CDOCommonRepository in org.eclipse.emf.cdo.server
 interface IRepository
          A CDO repository.
 interface ISynchronizableRepository
          A repository with the ability to synchronize its content with another repository.

Uses of CDOCommonRepository in org.eclipse.emf.cdo.session

Subinterfaces of CDOCommonRepository in org.eclipse.emf.cdo.session
 interface CDORepositoryInfo
          Describes a model repository a session is connected to.

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