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Packages that use CDOBranchVersion
org.eclipse.emf.cdo.common.branch Common concepts for dealing with branches. 
org.eclipse.emf.cdo.common.protocol Common concepts for dealing with protocols and CDO-specific I/O. 
org.eclipse.emf.cdo.common.revision Common concepts for dealing with revisions and revision lists. Common concepts for dealing with revision deltas and feature deltas. 
org.eclipse.emf.cdo.server Server concepts for dealing with repositories and stores. 

Uses of CDOBranchVersion in org.eclipse.emf.cdo.common.branch

Methods in org.eclipse.emf.cdo.common.branch that return CDOBranchVersion
 CDOBranchVersion CDOBranch.getVersion(int version)
          Returns the branch version in this branch with the given version number.

Uses of CDOBranchVersion in org.eclipse.emf.cdo.common.protocol

Methods in org.eclipse.emf.cdo.common.protocol that return CDOBranchVersion
 CDOBranchVersion CDODataInput.readCDOBranchVersion()

Methods in org.eclipse.emf.cdo.common.protocol with parameters of type CDOBranchVersion
 void CDODataOutput.writeCDOBranchVersion(CDOBranchVersion branchVersion)

Uses of CDOBranchVersion in org.eclipse.emf.cdo.common.revision

Subinterfaces of CDOBranchVersion in org.eclipse.emf.cdo.common.revision
 interface CDORevisable
          An entity that has a defined lifetime (creation plus revision) and a version in a branch.
 interface CDORevision
          Encapsulates the immutable system information of a single CDO object between two commits in a branch and provides access to its modeled data.
static interface CDORevisionCache.EvictionEvent
          An event fired from a revision cache for revisions that are evicted because they are no longer strongly referenced when free memory runs low.
 interface CDORevisionKey
          Uniquely identifies a revision by version in a branch.

Methods in org.eclipse.emf.cdo.common.revision with parameters of type CDOBranchVersion
 boolean CDORevisionManager.containsRevisionByVersion(CDOID id, CDOBranchVersion branchVersion)
          Returns true if the revision cache contains a revision with the given ID at the given branch version (branch + version), false otherwise.
 CDORevision CDORevisionCache.getRevisionByVersion(CDOID id, CDOBranchVersion branchVersion)
 CDORevision CDORevisionManager.getRevisionByVersion(CDOID id, CDOBranchVersion branchVersion, int referenceChunk, boolean loadOnDemand)
          Returns the revision with the given ID at the given branch version (branch + version), optionally demand loading it if it is not already in the cache.

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Subinterfaces of CDOBranchVersion in
 interface CDORevisionDelta
          Represents the change delta between two revisions of a CDO object.

Uses of CDOBranchVersion in org.eclipse.emf.cdo.server

Methods in org.eclipse.emf.cdo.server with parameters of type CDOBranchVersion
 org.eclipse.emf.cdo.spi.common.revision.InternalCDORevision IStoreAccessor.readRevisionByVersion(CDOID id, CDOBranchVersion branchVersion, int listChunk, CDORevisionCacheAdder cache)
          Reads a revision with the given version in the given branch from the back-end.

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