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2012-05-26[380629] Design a default Security model Eike Stepper9-1205/+1215
2012-05-21Add generateSourceReferences = true to all pluginsEike Stepper1-25/+27
2012-05-01[343084] Add security infos to BaseCDORevision and adjust the framework accor...Eike Stepper1-158/+165
2012-03-08Java formatter version 12Eike Stepper2-493/+514
2012-01-14Adjusted copyrights to 2012Eike Stepper74-6560/+6560
2012-01-13[368539] LoadRevisionsRequest with CDOFetchRuleManager enabled leads sometime...Eike Stepper1-8/+24
2011-10-10[355045] Allow NEW objects to be locked on commitCaspar De Groot1-0/+14
2011-09-26[352330] Make lockArea loading vetoableCaspar De Groot6-6/+6
2011-09-21[354454] Recursive locking (tree locking)Caspar De Groot2-3/+5
2011-09-15file headersEike Stepper1-1/+1
2011-09-15file headersEike Stepper1-1/+1
2011-09-15file headersEike Stepper68-68/+68
2011-09-13tutorialsEike Stepper1-1/+1
2011-09-05[351912] Lock coordination with SynchronizableRepositoriesCaspar De Groot4-0/+48
2011-09-03converted package.html to / added apivizEike Stepper3-24/+16
2011-09-02excluded package.html from buildsEike Stepper2-360/+376
2011-09-01[351912] Lock coordination with SynchronizableRepositoriesCaspar De Groot9-39/+109
2011-08-18[353691] Add lock notifications and lock cachingCaspar De Groot10-134/+447
2011-08-17[354963] handleRevisions() does not work correctly for sub branches Eike Stepper1-21/+22
2011-08-04[352439] Prefetch revision ends with IllegalArgumentException Eike Stepper1-0/+5
2011-08-04cleanupEike Stepper1-1/+1
2011-07-20[352561] Support client assigned CDOIDs (UUIDs) Eike Stepper2-4/+5
2011-07-04whitespace changes?Eike Stepper1-3/+3
2011-05-28javadoc -> doc pluginEike Stepper1-0/+2
2011-05-27docsEike Stepper1-0/+23
2011-05-26[337870] Provide durable locking Eike Stepper1-2/+2
2011-05-24[346933] Provide a CDOServerWriteIndication Eike Stepper32-32/+78
2011-05-16switched off unused problem filter warnings in all projects due to an annoyin...Eike Stepper1-1/+1
2011-05-16[337870] Provide durable locking Eike Stepper6-15/+123
2011-05-16[345905] Add @noextends, @noimplements and @noinstantiates wherever possible Eike Stepper3-2/+13
2011-05-15[345838] Prevent timeouts during authentication phase in OpenSessionIndication Eike Stepper2-60/+70
2011-05-06[Bug 341995] ConcurrentModificationException on commit while holding a write ...Caspar De Groot1-34/+69
2011-04-04[340961] Allow partial model loading Vaishnora1-0/+1
2011-03-23[Bug 339313] Revision may contain CDOList with uninitialized valuesCaspar De Groot1-2/+8
2011-02-14[337125] Send delta notifications on view target switch Eike Stepper2-10/+19
2011-02-11[Bug 334981] LockObjectsIndication inappropriately throws exception for stale...Caspar De Groot1-8/+38
2011-01-25[329254] LastCommitTimeStamp updated even when a serverSide Error occurred Eike Stepper1-0/+2
2011-01-22more deprecation warningsEike Stepper1-2/+2
2011-01-19[334620] SVN migration request: CDO Eike Stepper1-2/+0
2011-01-10[333670] Bug fix Vaishnora1-4/+6
2011-01-09[284307] Add support for streaming of large byte arrays / BLOBEike Stepper2-2/+2
2011-01-08[333800] Make the assignment of permanent IDs predictableEike Stepper1-0/+11
2011-01-06[333663] Provide a ReferentialIntegrityException with full XRef infosEike Stepper6-21/+26
2011-01-01Updated copyrightsEike Stepper65-72/+69
2010-12-22[333076] Support Ecore instancesEike Stepper1-0/+1
2010-12-21[332355] Provide OSGi console commands to start/stop/list/export/import repos...Eike Stepper2-2/+8
2010-12-20[332888] Remove the concept of MetaIDsEike Stepper2-24/+3
2010-12-19[332672] Provide API to query the differences between branchesEike Stepper1-6/+29
2010-12-18[332671] Timeout in LoadMergeDataRequestEike Stepper1-34/+80
2010-11-18[330451] TimeoutException when switching branch for big model.Pascal Lehmann3-33/+81

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