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developMerge "Disable zest viewer logging messages" into developJan-Philipp Stegh??fer14 hours
hef/test-commitdo not add all dependencies to p2 repositorySalome Maro6 months
masterUpdated the README with info about contributingJan-Philipp Steghöfer4 months
smaro/feature/RE_DataTrackAdded option to filter out the analysis features on the plantUML viewSalome Maro6 weeks
smaro/feature/officeHandlerMerge branch 'smaro/feature/officeHandler' of ssh://git.eclipse.org:29418/cap...Salome Maro5 months
smaro/feature/product-lines-metamodelCode Enhancement with Java 8, minor fixPhilipp Heisig4 months
smaro/feature/versioningNotification system code revisionDusan Kalanj5 days
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2016-11-16Updated the README with info about contributingHEADmasterJan-Philipp Steghöfer1-25/+76
2016-09-27do not add all dependencies to p2 repositoryhef/test-commitSalome Maro1-3/+0
2016-09-27updated documentationSalome Maro5-89/+90
2016-09-27Updated img tags, added a layer of Table of Contents to make it look neat, re...Salome Maro6-115/+137
2016-09-27updated documentation to show up on Eclipse HelpSalome Maro5-115/+115
2016-09-27updated pom fileSalome Maro1-0/+1
2016-09-27Added Documentation pluginSalome Maro47-0/+1434
2016-09-27add .travis.ymlHans-Erik Floryd1-0/+8
2016-09-27update README.mdHans-Erik Floryd1-5/+9
2016-09-27add generated codeHans-Erik Floryd24-2/+2894
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