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BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
developLet CallActivity and SubProcess implement InteractionNode. This allowsBob Brodt6 years
lunaRenamed org.eclipse.bpmn2.feature back to org.eclipse.bpmn2Bob Brodt6 years
mars Unify component versionsBob Brodt5 years
masterBug 566499 fixed license propertiesRalph Soika8 weeks
neonUpversioned to 1.3.1 for NeonBob Brodt4 years
1.4.0.Finalorg.eclipse.bpmn2-1.4.0.Final.tar.gz  org.eclipse.bpmn2-1.4.0.Final.tar.xz  Paul Leacu3 years
1.1.0.Finalorg.eclipse.bpmn2-1.1.0.Final.tar.gz  org.eclipse.bpmn2-1.1.0.Final.tar.xz  Bob Brodt6 years
1.0.0.Finalorg.eclipse.bpmn2-1.0.0.Final.tar.gz  org.eclipse.bpmn2-1.0.0.Final.tar.xz  Bob Brodt6 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2020-09-03Bug 566499 fixed license propertiesHEADmasterRalph Soika2-265/+3
2020-09-02Bug 566499 Use Eclipse Standard LicenseJonah Graham5-587/+16
2020-09-02Bug 566499 updated license informationRalph Soika3-302/+582
2020-08-14Bug 566088 - updated tycho-versionRalph Soika1-2/+5
2020-08-11Bug 565746 - added eclipse.orbit.urlRalph Soika1-3/+1
2020-08-08Bug 565746 - added new platform profileRalph Soika1-1/+43
2020-07-31Bug 565745 - update Ecore jet classesRalph Soika2-136/+124
2020-06-04Bug 563956 - updated license informationRalph Soika611-1232/+2801
2020-06-04Bug 563947 - updated pom.xmlRalph Soika16-15/+100
2018-05-15[534701] update tycho-version and bomn2 mdt version for Photon supportPaul Leacu16-17/+31

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