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BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
0.1.0.Final-masterFix compiler errorBob Brodt7 years
0.2.0-Final-heliosMerge branch 'develop' into heliosBob Brodt7 years
0.2.0-Final-masterRemove incompatible SWT API call for helios (unused anyway)Bob Brodt7 years
1.0.1Bug 422575 - intermediate catch events validation failsBob Brodt6 years
API-RefactoringFixed NPE during delete of nested Lanes in Pools.Bob Brodt5 years
X-multipageFix file rename/delete again, and editor titleBob Brodt7 years
ca-developHEMERA-2124: Implemented DataInputAssociation and DataOutputAssociationromansmirnov7 years
ca-masteradjustemnts for camunda branch, remove "show properties" button, hide ioadrobisch7 years
connection-assistanceFix for JBPM-3261 - provide connection assistanceBob Brodt8 years
developFixed bug discovered during SY plugin migration.Bob Brodt5 years
drilldownfix for JBPM-3296 - also generate unique file namesBob Brodt8 years
feature-class-refactoringMissed oneBob Brodt8 years
feature-collapse-push-reworkBug 482035 - Stack Overflow in ManhattanRouterBob Brodt4 years
feature-properties-adapter-refactoringBug 480881 - Morph element that involves a compound feature causesBob Brodt4 years
graphiti-0.9.0-migration - migrated toBob Brodt7 years
heliosRemove graphiti required bundle version from examplesBob Brodt6 years
jbpm5-extension-modelpartial for JBPM-3258 - add jBPM5 custom attributes and elementsBob Brodt8 years
junoMerged Kepler changes and upversioned to 0.3.0.Bob Brodt6 years
keplerCreated 1.0.5.FinalBob Brodt5 years
list-detail-refactoringMinor fix in ScriptTask default textBob Brodt7 years
lunaFinal build for 1.1.6Bob Brodt3 years
mars Brodt3 years
masterBug 550406Ralph Soika4 weeks
multipage-clone-editorsMultipage support - first attempt by cloning the main editor and keepingBob Brodt7 years
neonupdate tycho-version and eclipse-jarsigner-plugin versionPaul Leacu2 years
oxygen[497744] Catch a space character appearing illegally in a custom type definit...Paul Leacu22 months
routing_experimentFix merge problemsBob Brodt6 years
subprocess-expand-collapseFix for JBPM-3095 - added expand/collapse for subprocessesBob Brodt8 years
validationsmall test with 2 contraintsadrobisch7 years

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