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2014-08-13Fixed bug discovered during SY plugin migration.developBob Brodt2-7/+9
2014-08-08Some minor changes for stardust support.Bob Brodt3-10/+14
2014-08-07Fixed some bugs found while helping with stardust extension.Bob Brodt12-53/+170
Started enhancement to hide/show certain model elements (e.g. Labels, MessageFlows, etc.)
2014-08-05Forgot the ShowHideDialog class.rbrodt1-0/+50
2014-08-05Added feature to show/hide specific elements.rbrodt6-1/+60
2014-07-31Fixed some creation rules for Lanes, Pools and ChoreographyTasksrbrodt4-17/+51
2014-07-31Bug 440827 - Unable to remove participant process (whitebox)rbrodt5-18/+41
2014-07-30Add a Workaround for Bug 440796rbrodt1-2/+2
2014-07-30Saving work recovered after PC crashrbrodt12-98/+190
2014-07-29Minor cleanup: allow reconnection to a different Anchor Site, preventBob Brodt6-22/+33
NPEs caused by attempted editor refresh during shutdown, don't run BPMN2 builder during workbench shutdown.
2014-07-28Disable Live Validation after CreateFeature execution to allowBob Brodt2-1/+21
CompounCreateFeatures to complete succesfully.
2014-07-28Updated location of drools.genmodel file.Bob Brodt1-1/+1
2014-07-28Anchor rework now includes Connection anchors.Bob Brodt38-1311/+1609
2014-07-23Bug 423381 - Manhattan Router needs work.Bob Brodt58-1563/+1501
Bug 425689 - Multiple outgoing sequence flows of a task. Rewrite of the Boundary Anchor concept that was part of the initial prototype. We now allow multiple anchors on the same edge of an Activity, and they are all evenly distributed along the edge. This is not complete, as Choreography message links are not working yet - just saving my work with this commit.
2014-07-18Bug 439929 - Problems with importing WSDL that contains embedded XSDBob Brodt7-1484/+378
2014-07-17Added Definitions.exporter and exporterVersion.Bob Brodt1-6/+46
Added code to allow insertion of a comment at beginning of document during save. This COULD be used to store diagram origin offset information, for example. See Bug 438604 - Offset in x,y coordinates between *.bpmn and exported Image.
2014-07-17Bug 417654 - Element selection should not be reset when switching backBob Brodt4-11/+44
from source. Bug 439149 - Tab switching between Process and SubProcess diagrams causes incorrect diagram to be drawn.
2014-07-17Obey the "Save BPMNLabel" user preference on save.Bob Brodt4-37/+36
Fix rounding error in font size.
2014-07-16Added support for BPMNLabelStyle elementsBob Brodt7-69/+239
2014-07-16Fix ShapeStyle overrides from .bpmn2config files.Bob Brodt3-73/+95
2014-07-15Don't set Service Task implementation when its Operation is changed.Bob Brodt1-14/+18
2014-07-15Fixed dynamic loading/unloading of <style> and <modelExtension>Bob Brodt10-55/+217
elements. Added a button to User Preferences to add BPMN2 Nature to a project.
2014-07-14Fixed Timer Event Definition detail creation.Bob Brodt8-15/+236
Added a Date/Time object editor.
2014-07-14Prep work for DND of files onto the canvas: Target Runtime extensionsBob Brodt4-8/+35
need to be given the opportunity to handle this event, but this enhancement will require another API change (something for the next minor release, i.e. 1.2.0)
2014-07-14Make DataInput/Output name generation consistentBob Brodt3-13/+21
2014-07-14Added check for unsupported importTypeBob Brodt2-14/+47
2014-07-11Fix Appearance preferences.Bob Brodt4-27/+40
2014-07-11Fix the Data Input/Output/Associations mess for Send/Receive/ServiceBob Brodt20-422/+302
2014-07-10Added Resolve Externals user preference.Bob Brodt20-232/+483
Partial fix for Send/Receive/Service Task message connection rules.
2014-07-09Added code to automatically discover references to external objectsBob Brodt11-49/+249
defined in other files in current project. Fixed deadlock in File Imports wizard.
2014-07-08Fixed forward reference of Association connected to a Sequence Flow.Bob Brodt5-96/+112
Fixed deadlock in NamespaceUtil. Fixed NPE in EFontConversionDelagate during startup.
2014-07-07Fix Tool Enablement preferences.Bob Brodt9-165/+233
2014-07-03Fix problems in example pluginsBob Brodt8-57/+119
2014-07-02Fix examples, various NPEs.Bob Brodt45-500/+447
Bug 435763 - IReconnectionFeature don't work whit custom links. Added code to disable validation during file loading to avoid txn rollback. Fix activations for Property Tabs
2014-06-30Data Items tab has gone missing, more bug fixesBob Brodt10-53/+72
2014-06-27Fix Property sheets for jbpm - none of the Task specialization propertyBob Brodt9-11/+44
tabs were being displayed.
2014-06-27New value for extension attributes can not be null - use default value.Bob Brodt3-4/+12
2014-06-27Fixed a bug in ModelEnablements for extension attributesBob Brodt1-3/+3
2014-06-27Fixed some more glaring bugs causing NPEsBob Brodt4-9/+19
2014-06-26FIx NPE caused when Property Sheet is closed and reopened.Bob Brodt1-0/+14
2014-06-26Fix a stupid mistake during Definitions construction.Bob Brodt1-12/+2
2014-06-11Updated Copyright notices and added missing about.html and licenseBob Brodt72-421/+666
2014-06-10Fix NPE caused by DataTypes Example Target Runtime ID conflict.Bob Brodt1-2/+2
2014-06-10Merge branch 'master' of ↵Bob Brodt2463-108673/+126948
2014-06-10Include new .project filesBob Brodt11-0/+248
2014-06-10Deleted *.orig files left over from merge conflictsBob Brodt15-4233/+0
2014-06-10Fix conflicts for Merge of 'API-Refactoring'Bob Brodt2484-108527/+131283
into 'master'
2014-06-10Fixed NPE during delete of nested Lanes in Pools.API-RefactoringBob Brodt11-68/+150
Fixed NPE from double-click actcion when Property View is closed. Added a "Show Property View" context menu action. Added missing [+] decorator to SubChoreography. Added missing Participants in Outline View for Choreographies.
2014-06-09Fix some bugs with copy/paste for Pools, Lanes and SubProcessesBob Brodt5-36/+112
2014-06-07Fixed copy/paste - was missing labels.Bob Brodt10-46/+90
Added support for BPMNLabel to content outline

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