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BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterfix: add null, remove additionalPropertiesAxel Meinhardt3 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2019-05-20fix: add null, remove additionalPropertiesHEADmasterAxel Meinhardt63-97/+97
2019-03-02including links to v3 on websiteAxel Meinhardt135-1870/+3220
2019-02-12fix(ppmp v3): time in process not mandatoryAxel Meinhardt65-102/+156
2019-02-07fix(#45): Difference in metaData typeMeinhardt Axel (BCI/ECM2)65-95/+91
2018-06-12feat(ppmp): second draft v3Axel Meinhardt74-208/+257
2018-05-08fix(tracking): disable user analytics trackingAxel Meinhardt80-143/+143
2018-05-08fix(css): cookie concent & stylesAxel Meinhardt81-144/+144
2018-05-02fix(ppmp): schema & examples syncAxel Meinhardt66-146/+164
2018-04-27feat(ppmp): first draft v3Axel Meinhardt98-393/+1120
2018-04-11feat(blog): new camel blog articleAxel Meinhardt60-230/+773
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