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masterdebugging proxyJames Sutton28 hours
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28 hoursdebugging proxyHEADmasterJames Sutton1-2/+5
33 hoursUsing Eclipse Proxy for markdown file requestJames Sutton1-1/+14
33 hoursAdding updated Samples page that uses github markdownJames Sutton7-2/+1704
34 hoursFixing CPP github url and adding ISO to home pageJames Sutton2-1/+4
34 hoursAdding High Availability feature to features listJames Sutton10-8/+30
5 daysSplitting out feature list into separate PHP script to make it easier to useJames Sutton12-650/+289
6 daysAdding Features for all clientsJames Sutton6-0/+438
6 daysAdding blocking & non-blocking featuresJames Sutton4-40/+91
7 daysUpdating Java, JavaScript and Android Client PagesJames Sutton14-451/+622
8 daysMaking Home Page more responsiveJames Sutton5-148/+202