Getting Started

Run Eclipse Kapua
Ensure you have the following dependencies statisfied
  • 64 bit architecture
  • Java VM Version 8
  • Docker Version 1.2+
  • Internet Access (needed to download the artifacts)
Run the docker containers through Docker Compose
$ git clone kapua $ cd kapua/deployment/docker $ ./docker-deploy
The following services are now available
Web Console
  • Username: kapua-sys
  • Password: kapua-password
Message Broker
  • tcp://
  • Username: kapua-broker
  • Password: kapua-password
  • Username: kapua-sys
  • Password: kapua-password
For more information on the manual build process or for creating a development Vagrant machine or the Docker images please refer to the Eclipse Kapua Documentation
Connect an Eclipse Kura™ device
Connect a Kura-powered device like a RaspberryPi to Kapua
Connect other MQTT devices
Manage the device
Manage your IoT device
Install heater app
Analyze device data
Review your IoT device data