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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes" ?>
<?xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" href="project-plan-render.xsl"?>
<plan xmlns="" xmlns:html="">
	<release projectid="emf.egf" version="1.1.0" />
		<html:p>EGF (Eclipse Generation Factories) is a software factory tool with the purpose to generate software artifacts, such as code or application. This EMFT component is in incubation.</html:p>
        <html:div>An EGF deliverable contains the EGF engine and a set of generation portfolios. The release deliverables have the same form as is found in most Eclipse projects:
                <html:li>An update site providing access to all the plug-ins, sources and documentation,</html:li>
                <html:li>A downloadable archive of this update site.</html:li>

		<milestone date="08/22/2012" milestone="EGF 1.0.1M1"></milestone>
		<milestone date="10/03/2012" milestone="EGF 1.0.1M2"></milestone>
		<milestone date="11/14/2012" milestone="EGF 1.0.1M3"></milestone>
		<milestone date="12/19/2012" milestone="EGF 1.0.1M4"></milestone>
		<milestone date="02/06/2013" milestone="EGF 1.0.1M5"></milestone>
		<milestone date="03/20/2013" milestone="EGF 1.1.0M6">
			<html:b>(API Freeze)</html:b>
		<milestone date="05/08/2013" milestone="EGF 1.1.0M7">
			<html:b>(Feature Freeze)</html:b>
		<milestone date="05/22/2013" milestone="EGF 1.1.0RC1"></milestone>
		<milestone date="05/29/2013" milestone="EGF 1.1.0RC2"></milestone>
		<milestone date="06/05/2013" milestone="EGF 1.1.0RC3"></milestone>
		<milestone date="06/12/2013" milestone="EGF 1.1.0RC4"></milestone>
		<milestone date="06/26/2013" milestone="EGF 1.1.0Kepler"></milestone>
		<postamble />
		<html:p>EGF runs on Eclipse 3.5. / 3.6 / 3.7 / 3.8 and requires Java 5.x or 6.</html:p>
		<html:p>EGF and its extensions embed their own bundles, with their own IP issues</html:p>
				None of the EGF deliverables are internationalized.
	<compatibility_with_previous_releases />


			<html:p>The EGF project is divided into two kinds of activities: the EGF Engine and the EGF portfolio.</html:p>

		<theme name="EGF Engine">
                        <html:li>The EGF infrastructure was stabilized with EGF 0.4.0, and mainly regarding the execution of EGF activities (i.e., task and factory component).</html:li>

		<theme name="Portfolio">
                <html:div>A portfolio covers a generation topic. EGF provides two portfolios:
                        <html:li>The "Enhancement EMF Generation" portfolio. It provides assistance to create EMF Generations and enables to customize the EMF Generation in order to create families of EMF Generations.</html:li>
                        <html:li>The "EGF Build Chain" portfolio. It enables to configure a build chain and to target a build chain platform, Hudson/Jenkins and Buckminster today.</html:li>

	<appendix />

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