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+<article link="article.html" show="false">
+ <title>How to Correctly and Uniformly Use Progress Monitors</title>
+ <date>January 3, 2006</date>
+ <category>platform</category>
+ <category>general</category>
+ <author>
+ <name>
+ <![CDATA[Kenneth &Ouml;lwing]]>
+ </name>
+ <company>BEA JRPG</company>
+ </author>
+ <description>
+ Handling a progress monitor instance is deceptively simple. It
+ seems to be straightforward but it is easy to make a mistake
+ when using them. And, depending on numerous factors such as the
+ underlying implementation, how it is displayed, the result can
+ range from completely ok, mildly confusing or outright
+ silliness. In this article we lay down a few ground rules that
+ will help anyone use progress monitors in a way that will work
+ with the explicit and implicit contract of IProgressMonitor.
+ Also, understanding the usage side makes it easier to understand
+ how to implement a monitor.
+ </description>
+</article> \ No newline at end of file

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