This is a web interface for Eclipse Git repositories. Many projects also use the Gerrit Code Review. For more information about Git, please see the Git Wiki page.

The contents of the Git repositories are made available under the terms and conditions of the Software User Agreement.

10years.gitThe 10 years of Eclipse Birthday party.Code Review5 months
MoDisco.gitmodeling.mdt.modisco project websiteHugo Bruneliere2 months project repositorySven Efftinge3 days
acceleo.gitmodeling.m2t.acceleo project websiteLaurent Goubet41 hours
actf.gittechnology.actf project websiteKentarou Fukuda5 months
aether.gittechnology.aether project websiteBenjamin Bentmann5 weeks
ajdt.gittools.ajdt project websiteAndrew Eisenberg6 weeks
amp.gitmodeling.amp project websiteMiles Parker12 months
amw.gitmodeling.gmt.amw project websiteMarcos Didonet Del Fabro12 months project repositoryCode Review5 days
articles.gitThe Eclipse Corner Articles web directory (/articles)Code Review5 months
artwork.gitEclipse logos and other artwork.Code Review5 months
aspectj.gittools.aspectj project websiteAndrew Clement3 weeks
atf.gittools.atf project websiteRoy Ganor23 months
atl.gitmodeling.mmt.atl project websiteWilliam Piers5 months
b3.gitmodeling.emft.b3 project websiteThomas Hallgren14 months
babel.gitBabel project website - Roy2 months
birt.gitbirt project websiteJason Weathersby3 weeks
bpel.gitsoa.bpel project websiteRobert Brodt13 months
bpmn2-modeler.gitsoa.bpmn2-modeler project websiteRobert Brodt6 weeks
buckminster.gittools.buckminster project websiteThomas Hallgren11 months project repositoryMatthias Kovatsch4 weeks project repositoryCode Review2 months
camf.gitUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository.Athanasios Foudoulis4 weeks project repositoryCode Review4 months
cdo.gitmodeling.emf.cdo project websiteEike Stepper16 months
cdt.gittools.cdt project websiteDoug Schaefer4 weeks
che.gitUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository.Tyler Jewell2 weeks
committers.gitwww-auth project websiteCode Review5 months
community.gitwww-auth project websiteCode Review8 hours project repositoryJan S. Rellermeyer14 months
contribute.gitwww-auth project websiteCode Review4 months
corporate_sponsors.gitwww-auth project websiteCode Review5 months project repositoryAndreas Unger19 months
dash.gittechnology.dash project websiteWayne Beaton24 months
datatools.gitdatatools project repositoryBrian Payton5 months
dawnsci.gitUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository.Matthew Gerring5 weeks
diffmerge.gitmodeling.emf.diffmerge project websiteOlivier Constant8 months
dltk.gittechnology.dltk project websiteAndrey Platov17 months
documentation.gitwww-auth project websiteCode Review5 months
donate.gitwww-auth project websiteCode Review12 days websiteCode Review7 hours
e4.giteclipse.e4 project websiteJohn Arthorne6 months project repositoryArthur Daussy2 weeks project repositoryStefan Voget2 months
ebam.gitsoa.ebam project websiteAngelo Bernabei23 months
ebpm.gitsoa.ebpm project websiteAndrea Zoppello2 years project repositoryChristopher Frost16 months
ecd.gitECD top-level project website repositoryCode Review6 weeks
ecf.gitECF project websiteScott Lewis10 days