BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
R3_2_5_patches[431752] incorrectly determines the encoding of a ISO-8859-1 file asJulio C. Chavez20 months
R3_4_2_patches[421555] Schema information not displayed for SQL databaseJulio C. Chavez2 years
R3_5_1_patches[419889] Remove duplicate project facet version for JAX-RS 2.0Carl Anderson2 years
R3_5_2_patches[430637] [hotbug] Java Version 1.8 of project facet java does not existCarl Anderson22 months
R3_6_0_patchesBug 435965 - [CBI] Set Eclipse-SourceReferences for webtools.relengThanh Ha20 months
R3_6_2_patchesRollback to 3.6.0Julio C. Chavez18 months
R3_6_3_patchesHandle patch for Apache Commons Collections issueCarl Anderson2 months
R3_6_maintenanceRollback to 3.6.0Julio C. Chavez18 months
R3_7_1_patchesPrep for Apache Commons Collections fixCarl Anderson9 weeks
masterRollback to 3.6.0Julio C. Chavez18 months
TagDownloadAuthorAge  R3_6_1.tar.gz  R3_6_1.tar.xz  Julio C. Chavez16 months  R3_6_maintenance.tar.gz  R3_6_maintenance.tar.xz  Julio C. Chavez18 months  webtools.releng-201406201440.tar.gz  webtools.releng-201406201440.tar.xz  Julio C. Chavez20 months  webtools.releng-201406191615.tar.gz  webtools.releng-201406191615.tar.xz  Julio C. Chavez20 months  webtools.releng-201405071700.tar.gz  webtools.releng-201405071700.tar.xz  Carl Anderson21 months  webtools.releng-201405071600.tar.gz  webtools.releng-201405071600.tar.xz  Carl Anderson21 months  webtools.releng-201405061430.tar.gz  webtools.releng-201405061430.tar.xz  Julio C. Chavez21 months  webtools.releng-201404302300.tar.gz  webtools.releng-201404302300.tar.xz  Carl Anderson21 months  webtools.releng-201404282300.tar.gz  webtools.releng-201404282300.tar.xz  Carl Anderson21 months  webtools.releng-201403290300.tar.gz  webtools.releng-201403290300.tar.xz  Carl Anderson22 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2014-08-05Rollback to 3.6.0HEADR3_6_maintenanceR3_6_1masterR3_6_maintenanceR3_6_2_patchesJulio C. Chavez1-1/+1
2014-08-05Upgrade to 3.6.1Julio C. Chavez1-1/+1
2014-05-27Bug 435965 - [CBI] Set Eclipse-SourceReferences for webtools.relengv201406201440R3_6_0_patchesThanh Ha1-0/+4
2014-05-08[433700] Need to update the license checks for the 2014 license changesCarl Anderson1-1/+1
2014-05-07[433700] Need to update the license checks for the 2014 license changesv201405071700Carl Anderson4-96/+95
2014-05-07[433700] Need to update the license checks for the 2014 license changesv201405071600Carl Anderson4-108/+110
2014-05-06Update LicenseJulio C. Chavez2-3/+2
2014-04-30[433700] Need to update the license checks for the 2014 license changesv201404302300Carl Anderson3-3/+3
2014-04-28[433700] Need to update the license checks for the 2014 license changesv201404282300Carl Anderson2-4/+2
2013-12-03Bug 420891 - Do not build patch bundlesThanh Ha1-11/+0
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