BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
R3_2_5_1_patches[416528] Convert the WTP P build to use GitCarl Anderson12 months
R3_2_5_patches[431752] incorrectly determines the encoding of a ISO-8859-1 file asJulio C. Chavez2 months
R3_4_1_patchesRollback version error changes for bugzilla 395412Steven Hung20 months
R3_4_2_patches[440912] Can not change names in XML Schema Editor when schema does notkchong2 weeks
R3_4_maintenance435049 - Add Hermes JPQL parser source to SDK's buildTran Le3 months
R3_5_1_patches[419889] Remove duplicate project facet version for JAX-RS 2.0Carl Anderson10 months
R3_5_2_patches[430637] [hotbug] Java Version 1.8 of project facet java does not existCarl Anderson5 months
R3_5_maintenanceMerge branch 'R3_5_maintenance' of ssh:// C. Chavez6 months
R3_6_0_patches[437351] [hotbug] [Critical] getServerNotificationManager should beCarl Anderson2 months
masterJSF Tools v201408211646Ian Trimble9 days
TagDownloadAuthorAge  R3_6_0.tar.gz  R3_6_0.tar.bz2  Julio C. Chavez3 months  R3_5_2.tar.gz  R3_5_2.tar.bz2  Julio C. Chavez6 months  R3_5_1.tar.gz  R3_5_1.tar.bz2  Carl Anderson11 months  R3_5_0.tar.gz  R3_5_0.tar.bz2  Carl Anderson14 months  R3_4_2.tar.gz  R3_4_2.tar.bz2  Carl Anderson18 months  webtools.maps-20121031_1458.tar.gz  webtools.maps-20121031_1458.tar.bz2  eyuen22 months  R3_4_1.tar.gz  R3_4_1.tar.bz2  Carl Anderson23 months  webtools.maps-201208291026.tar.gz  webtools.maps-201208291026.tar.bz2  Raghu Srinivasan2 years  webtools.maps-201208262324.tar.gz  webtools.maps-201208262324.tar.bz2  Raghu Srinivasan2 years  webtools.maps-201208262318.tar.gz  webtools.maps-201208262318.tar.bz2  Raghu Srinivasan2 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorCommitterFilesLines
9 daysJSF Tools v201408211646HEADmasterIan TrimbleIan Trimble3-40/+40
2014-08-08Bug 439906 - UI - Web Page Editor should provide a mechanism so that aIan TrimbleIan Trimble1-23/+23
2014-06-09Bug 434667 - Update prereqs for WTP 3.6.0 Release CandidatesR3_6_0Julio C. ChavezJulio C. Chavez1-9/+9
2014-06-02Bug 434667 - Update prereqs for WTP 3.6.0 Release CandidatesJulio C. ChavezJulio C. Chavez1-5/+5
2014-05-30[434667] Update prereqs for WTP 3.6.0 Release CandidatesCarl AndersonCarl Anderson1-4/+4
2014-05-29[434667] Update prereqs for WTP 3.6.0 Release CandidatesCarl AndersonCarl Anderson2-923/+931
2014-05-29[427969] Undefined attribute name for HTML 5Nick SandonatoNick Sandonato2-2/+2
2014-05-28Bug 435994 - [CBI] CruiseControl broken by change at HEAD to attempt toIan TrimbleIan Trimble1-23/+23
2014-05-25[423759] Finish implementation for the "Serve modules withoutLarry IsaacsLarry Isaacs1-1/+1
2014-05-23[434667] Update prereqs for WTP 3.6.0 Release CandidatesCarl AndersonCarl Anderson1-4/+4