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@@ -90,8 +90,8 @@ public class JpaDirectorySpringContextTests {
<title>Contributing OSGi sourced dependencies</title>
In the previous step the <classname>JpaDirectorySpringContextTests</classname> test failed because it did
- not have a <interfacename>DataSource</interfacename> to be injected. In this step, you will instantiate an
- <quote>in-process</quote> database for testing and populate it with data.
+ not have a <interfacename>DataSource</interfacename> to be injected. In this step, an
+ <quote>in-process</quote> database is instantiated and populated with data for testing.
@@ -141,8 +141,8 @@ public class JpaDirectorySpringContextTests {
<interfacename>DataSource</interfacename> dependency.
When integration testing it is often a good idea to
test the entire application outside of the container.
- In this step you will create a test case for the
- entire @greenpages@ application starting with the <classname>@greenpages@Controller</classname> class
+ In this step a test case for the
+ entire @greenpages@ application is created, starting with the <classname>@greenpages@Controller</classname> class
and descending all the way to a database.
It would be sensible to create this in a separate test bundle
but as one of the bundles involved here is a web bundle the tests will have to go in there.