This is a web interface for Eclipse Git repositories. Many projects also use the Gerrit Code Review. For more information about Git, please see the Git Wiki page.

The contents of the Git repositories are made available under the terms and conditions of the Software User Agreement.

org.eclipse.virgo.apps.gitVirgo Applications - Virgo-supplied applicationsGenie virgo15 months
org.eclipse.virgo.artifact-repository.gitVirgo Artifact Repository - Repository supportGenie virgo10 months
org.eclipse.virgo.bundlor.gitvirgo project repositoryGenie virgo10 months
org.eclipse.virgo.documentation.gitVirgo Documentation - User documentation sourceGenie virgo6 months
org.eclipse.virgo.eclipse-mirror.gitVirgo Eclipse Mirror repository. This repository is used for mirroring and conve...Genie virgo23 months
org.eclipse.virgo.gradle-build.gitvirgo project repositoryGenie virgo4 years
org.eclipse.virgo.ide.gitVirgo IDE - Eclipse IDE supportGenie virgo6 months
org.eclipse.virgo.jetty-server.gitIntegration of the Jetty web server in to VirgoGenie virgo4 years
org.eclipse.virgo.kernel-system-verification-tests.gitVirgo Kernel SVTs - Kernel system verification testsGenie virgo4 years
org.eclipse.virgo.kernel-tools.gitVirgo Kernel Tools - Tools integration layerGenie virgo2 years
org.eclipse.virgo.kernel.gitVirgo Kernel - Core runtimeGenie virgo10 months
org.eclipse.virgo.medic.gitVirgo Medic - DiagnosticsGenie virgo10 months
org.eclipse.virgo.nano.gitVirgo Nano repository.Genie virgo13 months
org.eclipse.virgo.osgi-extensions.gitVirgo OSGi Extensions - Launcher and Equinox hooksGenie virgo4 years
org.eclipse.virgo.osgi-test-stubs.gitVirgo OSGi Test Stubs - Unit test stubs for common OSGi interfacesGenie virgo4 years
org.eclipse.virgo.packaging.gitThis repository hosts all packaging scripts of the Virgo distributions.Genie virgo9 months
org.eclipse.virgo.performance-test.gitVirgo Performance Test - Performance regression testGenie virgo4 years
org.eclipse.virgo.root.gitUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository.Genie virgo6 months
org.eclipse.virgo.sample-configuration-properties.gitVirgo Configuration Properties Sample - Configuration properties sampleGenie virgo4 years
org.eclipse.virgo.sample-formtags.gitVirgo Formtags Sample - Formtags sample web applicationGenie virgo4 years
org.eclipse.virgo.sample-greenpages.gitVirgo Greenpages Sample - Greenpages sample web applicationGenie virgo17 months
org.eclipse.virgo.sample-osgi-examples.gitVirgo OSGi Samples - Basic OSGi samplesGenie virgo4 years
org.eclipse.virgo.samples.gitvirgo project repositoryGenie virgo12 months
org.eclipse.virgo.snaps.gitVirgo Snaps - Modular OSGi Web ApplicationsGenie virgo9 months
org.eclipse.virgo.system-verification-tests.gitSystem Verification Test suite for VirgoGenie virgo4 years
org.eclipse.virgo.test.gitVirgo Test - Test frameworkGenie virgo14 months
org.eclipse.virgo.util.gitVirgo Utilities - Common utility classesGenie virgo10 months
org.eclipse.virgo.virgo-build.gitVirgo Build - Ant/Ivy based build systemGenie virgo3 years
org.eclipse.virgo.web-server.gitVirgo Web Server - Packaging buildGenie virgo4 years
org.eclipse.virgo.web.gitVirgo Web - Integration layer to bind the OSGi web container into VirgoGenie virgo14 months