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master[441784] Relaxed dependencies in manifests.Istvan David7 hours
AgeCommit messageAuthorCommitterFilesLines
7 hours[441784] Relaxed dependencies in manifests.HEADmasterIstvan DavidIstvan David4-9/+7
8 hours[441784] Updated releng.Istvan DavidIstvan David3-55/+76
8 hours[441784] Prepared the plugins for the builder.Istvan DavidIstvan David17-110/+263
27 hoursAdded CEP builder to the CEP nature.Istvan DavidIstvan David1-0/+3
29 hoursReexported the metamodel elements from the core plugin.Istvan DavidIstvan David1-12/+12
5 daysRemoved unused importIstvan DavidIstvan David1-3/+2
5 daysMade UNTIL operator obsolete and replaced with {+}.Istvan DavidIstvan David32-393/+1187
10 days[440232] Refactored fixed priority strategyAndrás Szabolcs NagyAndrás Szabolcs Nagy2-62/+58
10 days[457795] Major language refactorIstvan DavidIstvan David17-166/+158
10 daysSyntax change: "uses" became "import".Istvan DavidIstvan David7-30/+30
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