BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
R4_1_maintenance[426595] Avoiding CME in UML resource item provider.Kenn Hussey3 years
R5_0_maintenance[458737] Ensuring proxies are resolved during migration (if specified).Kenn Hussey21 months
R5_1_maintenance[464427] Improving performance of Namespace::importMembers(...).Kenn Hussey9 months
R5_2_maintenance[505724] Making Property::opposite independent of navigability.Kenn Hussey11 days
bugs/332057[332057] Deadlock in CacheAdapter in multithreaded environmentChristian W. Damus3 years
bugs/382342[382342] Make Getting Started Documentation more helpfulChristian W. Damus3 years
bugs/405065Merge branch 'master' into bugs/405065Kenn Hussey3 years
bugs/464702[464702] Adding edit support for updated superset/subset properties.Kenn Hussey4 months
master[501740] Performance of UML definition look-up in static profilesChristian W. Damus2 days
uml25[418466] Tweaking copyright headers.Kenn Hussey3 years
Neon.1Neon.1.zip  Neon.1.tar.gz  Neon.1.tar.xz  Kenn Hussey4 weeks
R5_2R5_2.zip  R5_2.tar.gz  R5_2.tar.xz  Kenn Hussey4 months
Neon_RC1Neon_RC1.zip  Neon_RC1.tar.gz  Neon_RC1.tar.xz  Kenn Hussey5 months
Neon_M7Neon_M7.zip  Neon_M7.tar.gz  Neon_M7.tar.xz  Kenn Hussey6 months
Neon_M6Neon_M6.zip  Neon_M6.tar.gz  Neon_M6.tar.xz  Kenn Hussey7 months
Mars.2Mars.2.zip  Mars.2.tar.gz  Mars.2.tar.xz  Kenn Hussey8 months
Neon_M5Neon_M5.zip  Neon_M5.tar.gz  Neon_M5.tar.xz  Kenn Hussey9 months
Neon_M4Neon_M4.zip  Neon_M4.tar.gz  Neon_M4.tar.xz  Kenn Hussey10 months
Mars.1Mars.1.zip  Mars.1.tar.gz  Mars.1.tar.xz  Kenn Hussey13 months
R5_1R5_1.zip  R5_1.tar.gz  R5_1.tar.xz  Kenn Hussey16 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2 days[501740] Performance of UML definition look-up in static profilesHEADmasterChristian W. Damus1-1/+1
9 days[501740] Adjusting bundle versions and spelling.Kenn Hussey3-4/+4
10 days[501740] Performance of UML definition look-up in static profilesChristian W. Damus5-28/+394
11 days[505724] Making Property::opposite independent of navigability.Kenn Hussey1-12/+9
2016-10-03Updating RMAP for UML2 5.3.0 builds.Kenn Hussey1-1/+1
2016-10-03Updating RMAP for UML2 5.3.0 builds.Kenn Hussey1-3/+3
2016-09-26[501890] Improving performance of distinguishable name validation.Kenn Hussey1-15/+45
2016-07-06[497359] Improving performance of look-ups for static profiles.Kenn Hussey7-8/+1306
2016-07-05[495564] Improving performance of NamedElement::getNamespace().Kenn Hussey2-11/+62
2016-07-04[464702] Correcting standard XMI (de)serialization of composite subsets.Kenn Hussey6-19/+253
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