BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
R4_1_maintenance[426595] Avoiding CME in UML resource item provider.Kenn Hussey15 months
R5_0_maintenance[458737] Ensuring proxies are resolved during migration (if specified).Kenn Hussey2 months
bugs/286404[286404] Ant Task for Profile DefinitionChristian W. Damus15 months
bugs/332057[332057] Deadlock in CacheAdapter in multithreaded environmentChristian W. Damus15 months
bugs/382342[382342] Make Getting Started Documentation more helpfulChristian W. Damus15 months
bugs/401804[401804] Initialize ePackageNsURIToProfileLocationMap for standalone usageChristian W. Damus15 months
bugs/405065Merge branch 'master' into bugs/405065Kenn Hussey15 months
bugs/420338[420338] Updating generator model and tweaking formatting.Kenn Hussey15 months
master[461515] Updating based on changed in EMF.Kenn Hussey2 weeks
uml25[418466] Tweaking copyright headers.Kenn Hussey14 months
Mars_M6Mars_M6.zip  Mars_M6.tar.gz  Mars_M6.tar.bz2  Kenn Hussey4 weeks
Luna_SR2Luna_SR2.zip  Luna_SR2.tar.gz  Luna_SR2.tar.bz2  Kenn Hussey7 weeks
Mars_M5Mars_M5.zip  Mars_M5.tar.gz  Mars_M5.tar.bz2  Kenn Hussey2 months
Mars_M4Mars_M4.zip  Mars_M4.tar.gz  Mars_M4.tar.bz2  Kenn Hussey4 months
Luna_SR1Luna_SR1.zip  Luna_SR1.tar.gz  Luna_SR1.tar.bz2  Kenn Hussey7 months
R5_0R5_0.zip  R5_0.tar.gz  R5_0.tar.bz2  Kenn Hussey10 months
Luna_RC3Luna_RC3.zip  Luna_RC3.tar.gz  Luna_RC3.tar.bz2  Kenn Hussey11 months
Luna_RC1Luna_RC1.zip  Luna_RC1.tar.gz  Luna_RC1.tar.bz2  Kenn Hussey11 months
Luna_M7Luna_M7.zip  Luna_M7.tar.gz  Luna_M7.tar.bz2  Kenn Hussey11 months
Luna_M6Luna_M6.zip  Luna_M6.tar.gz  Luna_M6.tar.bz2  Kenn Hussey13 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorCommitterFilesLines
2015-04-01[461515] Updating based on changed in EMF.HEADmasterKenn HusseyKenn Hussey1-2/+2
2015-03-31[463551] Handling comments serialized as attributes in 4.0.0 models.Kenn HusseyKenn Hussey1-1/+45
2015-03-29[463066] Ensuring generated profile package definitions are found. Kenn HusseyKenn Hussey1-2/+26
2015-03-26[434958] Ensuring warnings are not shown as errors.Kenn HusseyKenn Hussey1-19/+24
2015-03-04[461374] Preserving default literal strings during conversion to UML.Mars_M6Kenn HusseyKenn Hussey1-2/+3
2015-03-03[458906] Updating tests for sanitized capability annotation sources.Kenn HusseyKenn Hussey1-4/+5
2015-02-28[455572] Guarding access to proxy map against NPEs.Kenn HusseyKenn Hussey1-2/+8
2015-02-26[458656] Making lazy initialization of static fields thread safe.Kenn HusseyKenn Hussey6-2522/+2595
2015-02-24[457892] Demand creating packages for XMI and MOF namespace URIs. Kenn HusseyKenn Hussey2-4/+26
2015-02-24[458906] Ensuring capability annotation sources are valid URIs.Kenn HusseyKenn Hussey4-32/+41