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2015-10-27Bug 463670: correctly handle literal ".qualifier"tycho-0.24.0tycho-0.24.xJan Sievers2-4/+41
Detect Luna or earlier executable feature by comparing against the Luna SR2 version instead of Mars SR0. This way, a Mars version even with literal ".qualifier" will be correctly detected as Mars or later as the significant difference is already in the micro (third) digit (102 in Luna vs 200 in Mars). Change-Id: I79d177444737dc2bb4e69ff5c789184dd0dc5b30 Signed-off-by: Jan Sievers <>
2015-10-23Release Tycho 0.24.0Jan Sievers68-68/+68
2015-10-23Bug 480216: remove -SNAPSHOT suffixJan Sievers1-12/+4
... in preparation for release Change-Id: I11a2f2a237dc05910afb23358cb324adc73da2d4 Signed-off-by: Jan Sievers <>
2015-10-20Bug 472667: remove java 7 enforce goalJan Sievers1-21/+0
Tycho globally requires Java 7 anyway since bug 463433 Change-Id: Icc7ee104f46e7f8e406399510492fe8c63696e2d Signed-off-by: Jan Sievers <>
2015-10-20Bug 480216: update JDT, Equinox and p2 to Mars SR1Jan Sievers3-10/+17
Change-Id: Ie9a30ed13f89b9632e29c553612f76fe4c1753de Signed-off-by: Jan Sievers <>
2015-10-15Bug 479746 Use UTF-8 as default encoding for writing POMMartin Schreiber1-2/+3
When there is no encoding specified in the xml prolog, UTF-8 is used as default encoding for writing the pom file, instead of falling back to the platform default (file.encoding system property) Bug: 479746 Change-Id: Ice614b2cfcf08a4844dd6bb95e2f5e83d640d69e Signed-off-by: Martin Schreiber <>
2015-10-05Bug 461606: always force product folder ending with .app on MacOSXJan Sievers1-3/+14
If no root folder is configured, use "" as the default for MacOSX. Change-Id: I59cd3c2d47837da3af2a495a33079de585e579e0 Signed-off-by: Jan Sievers <>
2015-10-05Bug 463670: Fail if native mac product built against Luna or earlierJan Sievers3-3/+31
If a product with native launchers is built for MacOSX, check the version of the launcher feature org.eclipse.equinox.executables. If the detected version is pre-Mars, fail the build with a clear error message. Change-Id: I0d8fd5054e423ca9ca0d896bfa6a171270952f11 Signed-off-by: Jan Sievers <>
2015-09-30Pin version of maven-bundle-plugin in ITsJan Sievers2-0/+2
version of maven-bundle-plugin was not specified, i.e. latest released was used. Recently released version 3.0.0 makes some ITs fail. Pin the version to last known working version 2.5.4 Change-Id: I69978fa01e1626f2c2ff7a2e79c99f8d8e45bad3 Signed-off-by: Jan Sievers <>
2015-09-29Bug 478636: do not use default excludesJan Sievers1-1/+4
do not use default excludes like e.g. .svn/** or .metadata/** (which conflicts with eclipse workspace metadata) product zips are being created inside a target/ directory, so can be assumed not to be checked in to an SCM. Change-Id: I85103f162433b0332d504b99c395009b354dbd56 Signed-off-by: Jan Sievers <>
2015-08-21Bug 474654: don't preserve file ownership in tarJan Sievers2-23/+10
as it's not needed and can cause performance problems. Change-Id: I82433e1309dbca43faf62492d8b3f2047f68bd66 Signed-off-by: Jan Sievers <>
2015-08-13461974 Updating to plexus archiver v2.9.1Martin Schreiber4-22/+14
By updating plexus-archiver to v2.9.1 and plexus-io to v2.4.1, large repository zip files do now contain a correct header signature. CQ: 9829 CQ: 9830 Bug: 461974 Change-Id: I55c3da65eb7b7c0890b1b9159df1fdd27baf9c70 Signed-off-by: Martin Schreiber <>
2015-08-07Bug 469090: remove -SNAPSHOT from mars final versionsJan Sievers1-12/+5
... and use Tycho 0.23.1 for bootstrap Change-Id: Ie76e31cd351305a3dab26d88fc7d03824cb4b8ad Signed-off-by: Jan Sievers <>
2015-07-24Bug 472669 - Using the diamond operator in Tycho for Java 1.7 bundlesLars Vogel46-104/+104
Cleanup for tycho-p2, tycho-metadata-model, tycho-packaging-plugin, tycho-pomgenerator-plugin, tycho-source-plugin Change-Id: I6c235ad6319ac37ca2aa262b0a6729684c4a74d7 Signed-off-by: Lars Vogel <>
2015-07-24Bug 472669 - Using the diamond operator in Tycho for Java 1.7 bundlesLars Vogel120-276/+276
Cleanup for tycho-p2, tycho-metadata-model, tycho-packaging-plugin, tycho-pomgenerator-plugin, tycho-source-plugin Change-Id: I5beef67fcdb6b8ced2fa15d8218023cb313a22a7 Signed-off-by: Lars Vogel <>
2015-07-23Bug 472669 - Using the diamond operator in Tycho for Java 1.7 bundlesLars Vogel41-130/+130
Cleanup for tycho-compiler-jdt, tycho-compiler-plugin and tycho-core Change-Id: I9b49adfd844285a8560a6cc23f505597366479dc Signed-off-by: Lars Vogel <>
2015-07-23Bug 472669 - Using the diamond operator in Tycho for Java 1.7 bundlesLars Vogel29-63/+63
Cleanup for tycho-release, tycho-surefire and tycho-testing-harness Change-Id: I96a80739d2824c0ef87f5057bebf3944de157384 Signed-off-by: Lars Vogel <>
2015-07-21472027 Adding classifier parameter for source bundlesMartin Schreiber5-7/+62
Adding the parameter "classifier" that will allow generating more than one source bundle artifacts for one plugin (using different classifiers). The final jar name will be <finalName>-<classifier>.jar. Default is "sources", which was hardcoded before. Bug: 472027 Change-Id: I708335ce6742c6d55e3a40946e070b7c7feaee85 Signed-off-by: Martin Schreiber <>
2015-07-16Bug 470621: Using empty string environment variable values instead ofMartin Schreiber2-2/+42
null When configuring empty environment variables (tycho-surefire and tycho-extra eclipserun plugins): <environmentVariables> <test></test> </environmentVariables> the environmentVariables map had null values which ended up in a NPE during launch. Now, when environment variables get added to the EquinoxLaunchConfiguration, null values are replaced with empty strings Bug: 470621 Change-Id: I2bf6e9b7ce7ceabd12fc66fbc3583e5c9133fa0f Signed-off-by: Martin Schreiber <>
2015-07-16464491 Specify dependency to tycho-packaging-plugin with packaging typeTobias Oberlies2-13/+16
- Specify the dependency to tycho-packaging-plugin with its packaging type "maven-plugin" so that the incremental build of the maven-plugin-plugin is happy (see MPLUGIN-269). Before, we were using the default "jar" which required that the tycho-p2-extras-plugin was already packaged. (The packaging step translates the packaging type "maven-plugin" to the artifact type "jar".) Bug: 464491 Change-Id: Ib37c596ae05ff5076103cc8c5cf7c7a4a7e76418
2015-07-14Bug 472669 - Solving a few compiler warnings (Generics) and using theLars Vogel6-47/+48
diamond operator Change-Id: Ib3d09bd11ab1ae39ac4c479c05f4040aa4190a22 Signed-off-by: Lars Vogel <>
2015-07-06Bug 470074: revert to plexus-archiver 2.2Jan Sievers5-15/+30
Revert "Bug 461974 - Updating the plexus archiver and plexus io plugin " This reverts commit 483f7317d76e4441d8a910dacf614b44cef82727. Revert "Don't use deprecated plexus-archiver API" This reverts commit 066c03d6d6064384c611de540442a21cf75d172a. Change-Id: I7c8338e85384ba7d0bf9da1d54b2d2f1e437e59e Signed-off-by: Jan Sievers <>
2015-06-30469230 Unresolved parameter interpolation must not fail testMartin Schreiber5-2/+69
execution If parameters are used within <includes> or <excludes> that could not be interpolated, the interpolator adds null to the excludes/includes list which will end up in a NPE within the DirectoryScanner. This fix removes the nulls from the lists. Change-Id: I6dcf03571d1cba73527479be180a30a1dbdcb926 Signed-off-by: Martin Schreiber <>
2015-06-30Bug 471402: improve error message when equinox launcher feature missingJan Sievers1-3/+4
mention id of missing feature in error message Change-Id: I7c8b38e85334ba7d3bf9dc1d58b2d2f6e437e59e Signed-off-by: Jan Sievers <>
2015-06-26Bug 469090: use Mars final binariesJan Sievers3-4/+4
for Equinox, JDT/APT and p2 Change-Id: I007646bfbd7afada2ba4e06904e6b519580a6252 Signed-off-by: Jan Sievers <>
2015-06-10Don't use deprecated plexus-archiver APIMikolaj Izdebski1-2/+1
DefaultArchivedFileSet.setArchive() method has been removed in future versions of plexus-archiver. Signed-off-by: Mikolaj Izdebski <> Change-Id: I4315bafbf08a4c9e8a83a91e7b1763c7debd9525
2015-05-28Go back to SNAPSHOT for eclipse binariesJan Sievers1-4/+11
... for now until 0.23.0 is released. Signed-off-by: Jan Sievers <>
2015-05-28Next development versionJan Sievers68-68/+68
2015-05-28Release Tycho 0.23.0tycho-0.23.0Jan Sievers68-80/+72
2015-05-27Bug 461974 - Updating the plexus archiver and plexus io plugin Martin Schreiber4-28/+14
_Updating plexus-archiver from 2.2 to 2.10.1 _Updating plexus-io from 2.0.5 to 2.6. _Updating plexus-utils from 3.0.7 to 3.0.20 _Removing the plexus-component-api exclution (plexus-archiver does not need that anymore) _Updating the ArchiverMojo to the new plexus-archiver API _Changing the IT Test and Util class to use java util Zip classes to unzip and parse the content.xml files With that update large ZIP files (>3GB) can be unpacked. CQ: 9693 CQ: 9694 CQ: 9476 CQ: 9283 Bug: 461974 Change-Id: Id4f9508c55abbcde55802fdb30ad62a9176254b3 Signed-off-by: Martin Schreiber <>
2015-05-26Bug 461872: add missing ITJan Sievers2-3/+34
... and use constant when referencing packagin type "p2-installable.unit" Change-Id: I5bbe576621d5f5cdbcac2fddd3920a3552eb0a4f Signed-off-by: Jan Sievers <>
2015-05-26Bug 461101: Use Mars RC2aJan Sievers3-15/+15
Change-Id: I2daa3ad854aebc3dd89499f8d8b31c0aa85084b6 Signed-off-by: Jan Sievers <>
2015-05-26467418 Setting the "p2.userAgent" system propertyPascal Rapicault1-0/+8
The tycho version is set for the p2 user agent system property (key: "p2.userAgent", value: "<someP2GeneratedPrefix> tycho/<tychoversion>") Bug: 467418 Change-Id: Ib5bb203d5c142c13808e6c42420b2c612bb914bd Signed-off-by: Martin Schreiber <> Signed-off-by: Pascal Rapicault <>
2015-05-15466977 suppress transitive dependencies of OSGi runtime bundlesIgor Fedorenko1-0/+24
Dependencies with scope=runtime and their transitive dependencies are added to test compile classpath. One of these dependencies is hamcrest 1.1, which conflicts with direct project dependency and results in compilation error in TestMojoTest. The fix is to suppress transitive dependencies for runtime-scoped dependencies. Bug: 466977 Change-Id: Ifca4245f5b3df423eff277b2db9d8b2ab530d379 Signed-off-by: Igor Fedorenko <>
2015-05-12466320 consume Luna M7 bundlesPascal Rapicault7-18/+24
- lock down IU versions in target - add new p2 dependency org.tukaani.xz (see bug 464614) Bug: 466320 Change-Id: I2daa8ad854bebc3dd69499f818b31ccaa85084b6 Signed-off-by: Pascal Rapicault <> Also-by: Jan Sievers <>
2015-04-27464887 Verify the build qualifierMartin Schreiber2-82/+67
_Verify the qualifier that it is a valid OSGi qualifier by parsing 1.0.0.<qualifier> as OSGi version. In case of an Exception, fail the build with an appropriate error message. _Both cases are checked, when the qualifier is forced by the "forceContextQualifier" or by the "format" parameter _Adding tests for malformed qualifier Bug: 464887 Change-Id: I46236eef1612ac4456fe2765f8140d0b721c4fdd
2015-04-23464980 stable iteration order for keysJan Sievers2-34/+98
Make sure keys which are kept in maps have a defined and stable iteration order. Before, iteration order was undefined (depending on JDKs hash table implementation details). Now keys are added in sorted order and LinkedHashMaps are used to make sure iteration order is the same as insertion order. Bug: 464980 Change-Id: I1024bd03da2d5439f1d3a1d4a4599cd49901be73 Signed-off-by: Jan Sievers <>
2015-04-20464649 Check maven and OSGI version for snapshot or release decisionMartin Schreiber2-7/+28
_If either the maven version string ends with "SNAPSHOT" or the OSGI version is ending with ".qualifier", the project is considered to be a snapshot project and the version strings are checked as such. _Adding an appropriate error message for wrong maven snapshot version strings _Adding tests for the different scenarios Bug: 464649 Change-Id: Id1dc9e68fd37b6a2aaf12603b5fedfd2c2a44356 Signed-off-by: Martin Schreiber <>
2015-04-20371983 Use a regex based match query for testing IU inclusionGunnar Wagenknecht2-12/+6
Bug: 371983 Change-Id: I2d4943a1009e44192791d8a622057d2ccce94676 Signed-off-by: Gunnar Wagenknecht <>
2015-04-17464304 Updating default ee and source/target version to 1.7Martin Schreiber6-8/+9
_Updating the default execution environment to 1.7 _Updating the default source/target version to 1.7 _Changing the tests to test for the new values Bug: 464304 Change-Id: Icf3bfb003c66df5fbfe56ab6ce10a9d4c2700311 Signed-off-by: Martin Schreiber <>
2015-04-10[project setup] Make 'How to run ITs in Eclipse' self-explainingTobias Oberlies1-1/+6
- Detect missing test data in the Tycho integration tests, and print out an error message that explains how to generate it. The launch configuration 'tycho-its - prepare test resources' is already checked in. Change-Id: Ic648e787dfff0749fa8e9fd05c9c764a84b19834
2015-04-10[cleanup] Rename last new integration test with bug number in pck. nameTobias Oberlies52-19/+21
- Adding the bug number in the package and project names is a bad idea because it prevents that related integration tests are grouped together. Instead, the bug number should be mentioned in the test class and/or test project. In this way, it is also possible to cover multiple bugs in one integration test. - Now that all "new" integration tests are renamed, contributors hopefully pick examples with better names as template for new tests. Change-Id: Icc1b522e0b0614d19547666c8501a4d796be4ce9
2015-04-10461101 use Mars M6 versions of JDT/APT and EquinoxJan Sievers1-8/+16
only consume them as maven SNAPSHOT for now. (see manual upload job ) The point of moving to M6 now is to find potential issues early. Will upgrade to M7 or later when we do the release. Bug: 461101 Change-Id: I09a59d669a05e0a39451abb5acfb15f795813fb4 Signed-off-by: Jan Sievers <>
2015-04-09461101 prepare for deploying Mars M6 binariesJan Sievers1-1/+1
Prepare for being able to deploy Mars M6 binaries as maven SNAPSHOTs. Even if we don't use M6 in the final 0.23.0 release, this should enable us to find issues with JDT/APT/equinox early. Bug: 461101 Signed-off-by: Jan Sievers <>
2015-04-09[cleanup] Group source bundles related integration testsTobias Oberlies17-13/+10
Change-Id: I1d4e5329690efbe0d2037d009e999145491d96a2
2015-04-09[cleanup] Group license feature related ITsTobias Oberlies29-14/+19
Change-Id: I248a661ee92eccd726fc7ed4cdbd33e835581a13
2015-04-09[cleanup] Group packaging-related ITsTobias Oberlies24-13/+19
- Note: There doesn't seem to be a test class for the "attached zip" test. Change-Id: Ib895facf6526b8a5bd9d381ebdd844fa0595b9f0
2015-04-09[cleanup] Group resolver-related ITsTobias Oberlies77-70/+24
- Group integration tests that are mainly focused on the dependency resolution (and not so much on the compiler, which obviously also uses the dependency resolution result) in the package "compiler". - Still keep separate package "eeProfile" for ITs specific to the execution environment related ITs. At least for now. Change-Id: I22af18d39b1e9847e2427e79192fc17a427bba5a
2015-04-09367701 Fix optional dependencies in test runtime IT; clean up related ITTobias Oberlies18-64/+63
- The integration test for bug 367701 was questionable: It contained some configuration for which the parameter name/location was changed, but the test was still green. I made the test more strict so that it is more likely to catch regressions. In fact it turns out that the fix for bug 367701 actually broke the "ignore optional dependencies in test runtime" feature that we had a long time ago. The request to re-implement this feature is in bug 464061. - Also: Revised other tests handling optional dependencies and did some small improvements. Bug: 367701 Bug: 464061 Change-Id: I4b33ce81f21da37bffcdf8584d751af5873b7dfd
2015-04-08463433 Removing Java6 handlingMartin Schreiber1-26/+2
Removing the special handling for Java6 (and prior) handling of the tar packaging Bug: 463433 Change-Id: I78e8180f050ab7fce90fe1b39ca03adf4db320a9 Signed-off-by: Martin Schreiber <>

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