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AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2013-10-21Release tycho 0.19.0tycho-0.19.0tycho-0.19.xJan Sievers67-67/+67
2013-10-21368538 Added test that reactor shadows target file contentTobias Oberlies1-3/+25
2013-10-21[cleanup] Make all test methods start with test in P2ResolverTestTobias Oberlies1-16/+16
2013-10-21419859 Log progress from p2 when downloading artifactsTobias Oberlies5-5/+132
2013-10-21393004 Remove obsolete integration testTobias Oberlies11-314/+0
2013-10-21419849 additionalFileSets should win over bin.includesThanh Ha1-13/+14
2013-10-18Move LoggingProgressMonitor class to make it reusableTobias Oberlies3-2/+3
2013-10-18415774 ignore system scope for pomDependencies=considerJan Sievers13-22/+142
2013-10-18416690 log partial IUs Jan Sievers2-7/+16
2013-10-18412283 Use <key>value</key> syntax for resolution profilePropertiesTobias Oberlies1-16/+1
2013-10-18412497 Remove workaround for packed artifacts in module repo implTobias Oberlies1-21/+0
2013-10-18412497 Set Maven properties in packed artifact descriptorsMickael Istria1-1/+13
2013-10-18412945 Don't let pack200 failures prevent download of artifactsTobias Oberlies2-7/+99
2013-10-17Add more useful documentation message for buildDirectoryThanh Ha1-0/+4
2013-10-17370958 warn and ignore external Bundle-ClassPath entriesJan Sievers3-2/+15
2013-10-16[cleanup] Rename mulit-platform related integration testsTobias Oberlies62-68/+68
2013-10-16Shorten test project names to avoid problems on WindowsTobias Oberlies9-6/+6
2013-10-15[cleanup] Rename surefire-related integration testsTobias Oberlies43-170/+39
2013-10-15419294 avoid NPEJan Sievers1-1/+3
2013-10-15Revert "419294 Avoid NPE when accessing access rules"Jan Sievers4-42/+22
2013-10-14[refactoring] Avoid inheritance in target platform testsTobias Oberlies8-145/+283
2013-10-14[cleanup] Moved test utilities to test.util bundleTobias Oberlies27-68/+55
2013-10-14[refactoring] Clean up TargetPlatformFactoryImplTobias Oberlies1-139/+166
2013-10-14[refactoring] Some renames around TargetPlatformFactoryImplTobias Oberlies13-56/+60
2013-10-14419294 Avoid NPE when accessing access rulesJan Sievers4-22/+42
2013-10-11415489 Use osgi.clean=true by default for surefire OSGi runtimeJan Sievers1-4/+13
2013-10-11418998 Use Kepler SR1 versions of JDT and equinoxJan Sievers3-6/+6
2013-10-11Use tycho 0.18.1 for bootstrapJan Sievers1-1/+1
2013-10-10418998 Use Kepler SR1Jan Sievers1-4/+4
2013-10-10Remove workaround for MNG-5206Jan Sievers2-189/+0
2013-10-10debug output only for nested jars/dirs unsupported in maven modelJan Sievers1-3/+3
2013-10-04386988 Rely on version ranges for test harness dependenciesMickael Istria5-15/+63
2013-09-27386988 ITs for running tests on provisioned applicationMickael Istria16-0/+438
2013-09-27386988 Run tests on provisioned installationJan Sievers14-85/+742
2013-09-25[refactoring] Make MutablePomFile only expose effective valuesTobias Oberlies12-49/+196
2013-09-25387809 Only update exported packages with matching versionTobias Oberlies6-12/+48
2013-09-25387809 make tycho-versions:set-version update exported packagesNepomuk Seiler10-0/+86
2013-09-16Add newline when inserting <version> element with versions-pluginTobias Oberlies4-3/+9
2013-09-16355046 Test whitespace handling in versions-plugin at right levelTobias Oberlies13-111/+82
2013-09-16[refactoring] Split target platform configuration and computationTobias Oberlies19-393/+522
2013-09-12[refactoring] Make side-effects of target platform building explicitTobias Oberlies16-168/+185
2013-09-12[refactoring] Resolve target files only when building the targetTobias Oberlies11-64/+111
2013-09-10412002 Fix product p2.inf file name calculationJan Sievers2-6/+8
2013-09-10405385 Fix failing IT Jan Sievers2-2/+2
2013-09-09405385 Update to Plexus Compiler 2.2 APIRoland Grunberg10-88/+167
2013-09-05410058 guarg against NPE when no profile idIgor Fedorenko4-2/+28
2013-08-09407395 add packages exported by EE to visible packagesJan Sievers14-39/+151
2013-08-06[refactoring] Helper instead of base class for setting decryptionTobias Oberlies3-22/+51
2013-08-02412945 Try other download format if first download failsTobias Oberlies1-28/+46
2013-08-02393004 Log download errors and warnings in multiple linesTobias Oberlies6-40/+174

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