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AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2013-03-20387796 Update default execution environment to JavaSE-1.6tycho-0.17.0tycho-0.17.xTobias Oberlies4-8/+8
2013-03-18Release version 0.17.0Jan Sievers67-67/+67
2013-03-18update to Kepler M6 versions of JDT/apt and equinoxJan Sievers4-11/+11
2013-03-18Use Kepler M6Jan Sievers1-5/+5
2013-03-13401216 Don't include everything in case of missing bin.includesTobias Oberlies2-3/+18
2013-03-12Fix failing IT Tycho45TestJan Sievers2-1/+6
2013-03-12402100 Update p2 version to I-build with new ECF (httpclient4) versionTobias Oberlies17-34/+44
2013-03-11401288 allow to configure data location and skip deleting itJan Sievers1-7/+33
2013-03-08383866 remove redundant compilation in test-compile phase Jan Sievers2-52/+0
2013-03-07386851 Deprecate unpack attribute of Tycho's feature.xml modelTobias Oberlies1-0/+12
2013-03-05402095 add additionalFileSets mojo parameterJan Sievers5-0/+48
2013-03-04397996 Don't resolve symbolic links anywhere in TychoTobias Oberlies29-153/+83
2013-02-28377744 Improved tycho-surefire-plugin:test documentationTobias Oberlies2-15/+100
2013-02-28385930 Added publisher plugin to site docsTobias Oberlies10-33/+64
2013-02-27[cleanup] XML formatting for sitedoc site.xmlTobias Oberlies1-26/+26
2013-02-27381377 Support direct inclusion of bundles in category.xmlTobias Oberlies4-5/+26
2013-02-27358292 Update versions for products in eclipse-repositoryJan Sievers11-0/+202
2013-02-26394558 Fail if a child of a composite repository is missingTobias Oberlies4-0/+114
2013-02-26[cleanup] Created MavenContextImpl constructor for testsTobias Oberlies8-13/+12
2013-02-26Set up HttpServer for tests with JUnit @RuleTobias Oberlies3-78/+78
2013-02-26397980 Improved logging for tycho.disableP2MirrorsTobias Oberlies3-15/+36
2013-02-26Renamed some RemoteAgent related classes & added JavaDocTobias Oberlies6-23/+35
2013-02-25[refactoring] Opened up eclipse-repository integration testTobias Oberlies4-23/+24
2013-02-22use fluido skin for site docsJan Sievers1-0/+5
2013-02-22400983 use eclipse-target-definition packaging typeJan Sievers3-30/+1
2013-02-19397355 Don't add bad artifacts to LocalArtifactRepository indexTobias Oberlies2-11/+132
2013-02-19393004 Fix getArtifact method of LocalArtifactRepositoryTobias Oberlies6-6/+357
2013-02-19[refactoring] Use JUnit Rule instead of base class in testTobias Oberlies3-30/+101
2013-02-19397355 Test getArtifactFile method of LocalArtifactRepositoryTobias Oberlies5-18/+80
2013-02-19397355 Started testing p2 API of LocalArtifactRepositoryTobias Oberlies13-5/+339
2013-02-19380120 Add test for how multiple target files are resolvedTobias Oberlies4-40/+80
2013-02-19380120 Allow multiple targets in target-platform-configurationAndreas Tschabuschnig3-18/+23
2013-02-19400956 Fix IT failing on linuxJan Sievers1-1/+1
2013-02-18400956 allow distinct source roots for nested jarsJan Sievers11-14/+249
2013-02-15Create JUnit Rule for verifying log entriesTobias Oberlies20-167/+299
2013-02-15400901 add support for customizing manifests of nested jarsJan Sievers8-0/+78
2013-02-08400307 introduce compilerArgs mojo parameterJan Sievers6-1/+98
2013-02-04Use Tycho 0.16.0 in the buildTobias Oberlies1-1/+1
2013-02-04331683 364781 Update to p2 version Kepler M5Tobias Oberlies6-68/+16
2013-01-29391011 only add SWT fragments which provide packagesJan Sievers3-3/+207
2013-01-25395512 resolve missing plugin versionsJan Sievers5-0/+64
2013-01-18395281 allow to resolve without reactor project nor local repoJan Sievers13-105/+122
2013-01-17378424 add branding plugin attribute to feature modelJan Sievers1-0/+8
2013-01-11395281 [refactor] move EE stub from tycho-extras to tychoJan Sievers1-0/+66
2013-01-11395281 [refactor] move platform utils to core.sharedJan Sievers9-7/+23
2013-01-11397355 [refactoring] Implemented LocalArtifactRepository with new baseTobias Oberlies6-114/+213
2013-01-11397355 p2 ArtifactRepository base implementation managing the indexTobias Oberlies22-102/+1028
2013-01-11397355 p2 ArtifactRepository abstract base with fixed interfaceTobias Oberlies2-78/+173
2013-01-09393004 IArtifactProvider interfaces as IArtifactRepository subsetTobias Oberlies6-0/+406
2013-01-09Use test utilities in ModuleMetadata/ArtifactRepositoryTestsTobias Oberlies4-52/+79

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