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2012-10-19392193 Omit check for duplicate IUs in TestMojotycho-0.16.0tycho-0.16.xJan Sievers17-7/+185
2012-10-15Release tycho 0.16.0Jan Sievers67-67/+67
2012-10-12372636 Suppress incorrect warning about local use of 'a.jre.javase'Tobias Oberlies1-0/+9
2012-10-12385930 Make the target file cache work with custom profilesTobias Oberlies1-3/+36
2012-10-12385930 Avoid duplicate system packages in an execution environmentTobias Oberlies4-13/+26
2012-10-12385930 Validate custom profile name consistency during publishingJan Sievers7-3/+68
2012-10-12385930 Add support for running tests with custom profileJan Sievers12-24/+154
2012-10-12385930 Integrate resolution with custom profilesTobias Oberlies20-13/+764
2012-10-12385930 Resolve dependencies using the custom profile IUTobias Oberlies6-6/+125
2012-10-12385930 Find specification IU of a custom profilesJan Sievers4-0/+196
2012-10-12385930 Implement ExecutionEnvironment for custom profilesHolger Oehm12-1/+506
2012-10-12355367 Rename switch tycho.considerLocal to tycho.localArtifactsTobias Oberlies4-17/+16
2012-10-12380872 Add SourceReferenceProvider componentJan Sievers8-1/+402
2012-10-11385930 Mojo for publishing a custom profileTobias Oberlies5-0/+320
2012-10-10342890 Drop requirement to specify os/ws/arch in bundle-based productsTobias Oberlies4-17/+53
2012-10-10385930 Update p2 version to include JREAction changesTobias Oberlies2-12/+7
2012-10-10389757 allow launching other apps during testTom Schindl1-1/+1
2012-10-10383865 Fix compile error in EclipseTobias Oberlies2-21/+20
2012-10-09385930 Resolve with JRE IU that is either required or generatedTobias Oberlies6-26/+48
2012-10-09385930 Extract method for generating a requirements IUTobias Oberlies2-37/+39
2012-10-09385930 Added callback to target platform computation for custom EETobias Oberlies12-38/+125
2012-10-09383865 ITs for packaging type eclipse-target-definitionJan Sievers8-0/+216
2012-10-09383865 add eclipse-target-definition packaging typeJan Sievers4-2/+97
2012-10-08391208 Update Equinox and JDT to Juno SR1Jan Sievers3-6/+6
2012-10-08368089 update to plexus-io 2.0.5Jan Sievers1-3/+8
2012-10-04[cleanup] Format XML files from testTobias Oberlies5-102/+103
2012-09-22389762 changed P2Resolver.resolveInstallableUnit to accept versionRangeIgor Fedorenko2-9/+8
2012-09-17372780 Move p2 views of local Maven repository to own packageTobias Oberlies16-26/+25
2012-09-14388507 Lower minimum required junit.framework package from JUnit4 runnersTobias Oberlies8-13/+195
2012-09-11[refactor] Improve names of integration tests for basic limitations of TychoTobias Oberlies9-4/+6
2012-09-11[cleanup] Removed redundant integration test "Tycho170"Tobias Oberlies17-226/+1
2012-09-11[refactor] Rename tycho-surefire integration testsTobias Oberlies118-174/+66
2012-09-10[cleanup] Delete duplicate integration testTobias Oberlies8-125/+0
2012-09-10385930 Moved ExecutionEnvironment(Configuration) interfaces to facadeTobias Oberlies18-15/+22
2012-09-10385930 Refactored EE configuration aggregation logicTobias Oberlies6-67/+93
2012-09-10385930 Object for EE configuration to allow incremental specificationTobias Oberlies17-217/+312
2012-09-03355367 Refactorings around "considerLocal"Tobias Oberlies4-14/+14
2012-08-31[cleanup] Removed unused test projectTobias Oberlies4-41/+0
2012-08-30better error/warning message (now fixed the ITs)Igor Fedorenko1-10/+10
2012-08-30better error/warning messageIgor Fedorenko1-1/+1
2012-08-29388199 Drop warning about unsupported protocolsTobias Oberlies1-15/+25
2012-08-28388199 Ignore proxy protocols not supported by org.eclipse.core.netJan Sievers1-1/+15
2012-08-27387796 Introduced executionEnvironmentDefault configuration parameterTobias Oberlies16-63/+94
2012-08-26374349 : Additional elements in Feature model + testsMickael Istria3-10/+162
2012-08-24387796 Simplified parsing of target-platform-configuration parametersTobias Oberlies1-42/+52
2012-08-24385930 Moved existing EE support to own packageTobias Oberlies16-34/+30
2012-08-23376973 introduced tycho.disableP2Mirrors session propertyIgor Fedorenko9-49/+20
2012-08-23364837 Replace "P2Runtime" with "OsgiRuntime" in class namesTobias Oberlies4-42/+49
2012-08-22fixed NPE when unknown profile activated in settings.xmlIgor Fedorenko1-1/+4
2012-08-22355367 property to control if local metadata is consideredJan Sievers6-23/+71

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