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BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
ControlFlowViewTestFixTry to fix ControlFlowView tests on WindowsMarc-Andre Laperle4 years
dev-1.xtmf: Bug 492895: Avoid unnecessary refreshes during import operationBernd Hufmann3 years
mastertmf: Bug 549288: Missing marker tool tip when zoomed inPatrick Tasse44 hours
stable-0.1ctf: disable failing test for newly added trace in ctf-testsuiteBernd Hufmann4 years
stable-1.0Build using non-staging Eclipse 4.5 targetMarc-Andre Laperle4 years
stable-1.1Update 4.5 target with Mars.1 update sitesMarc-Andre Laperle4 years
stable-1.2releng: Target update for Mars.2Marc-Andre Laperle3 years
stable-2.0Bump versions to 2.0.2Marc-Andre Laperle3 years
stable-2.1tmf.ui: Gracefully handle invalid tar import operationsMatthew Khouzam3 years
stable-2.2rcp: Switch to stable update site, automatic updatesMarc-Andre Laperle2 years
stable-2.3releng: Build against platform and CDT Neon.3 RC4 buildBernd Hufmann2 years
stable-3.0releng: use rcptt release 2.2.0 instead of snapshot buildBernd Hufmann2 years
stable-3.1releng: Fix 4.6 target failing to find linuxtools 5.3.0Jean-Christian Kouame16 months
stable-3.2xml: bug 527644 Fix tooltip for XY viewerGeneviève Bastien19 months
stable-3.3swtbot: Fix TestTraceOffsettingPatrick Tasse4 months
stable-4.0releng: Update dependencies with release repositoryJean-Christian Kouame5 months
stable-4.1releng: Update 4.9 dependencies with release repositoryJean-Christian Kouame5 months
stable-4.2profiling: Remove root functions from callgraphGeneviève Bastien6 months
stable-4.3releng: Update OOMPH setup file for 4.3.0Bernd Hufmann4 months
stable-5.0releng: Add Trace Compass 5.0.0 baselinePatrick Tasse4 weeks
staging/experimentaltmf: Update event properties to use aspectsAlexandre Montplaisir3 years
staging/stress-tests-ciPrint target dir to see if jar got deletedMarc-Andre Laperle3 years
staging/swtbot-stress-testsAdd new custom test suite to run the SWTBot tests repeatedlyAlexandre Montplaisir4 years
trace-serverMerge branch 'master' into 'trace-server'Simon Delisle7 weeks
––staging/stress-tests-ciTroubleshooting ControlFlowView testMarc-Andre Laperle3 years

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