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2018-03-21flamegraph: bug 527983 Add the goto min/max menu itemsGeneviève Bastien2-24/+59
2018-03-21traceevent: fix npe when validating invalid jsonMatthew Khouzam2-8/+12
2018-03-21callstack: add a regression test for the callstack arrows.Loic Prieur-Drevon5-2/+173
2018-03-21traceevent.ui: add object life span analysisMatthew Khouzam20-16/+718
2018-03-20traceEvent: redirect metadata events to the properties.Matthew Khouzam7-24/+224
2018-03-20traceevent: let callstack use ProcessName and ThreadNameMatthew Khouzam1-3/+9
2018-03-20analysis.core: Provide aspects for process and thread namesMatthew Khouzam5-2/+117
2018-03-19model: Add getProcessId and getExecName methodsGeneviève Bastien3-1/+88
2018-03-19traceevent: fix duration events in callstackMatthew Khouzam1-3/+3
2018-03-16f/a-trace: Publish the featuresGeneviève Bastien4-5/+36
2018-03-16analysis: Use the blocking version of IHostModel.getThreadOnCpuGeneviève Bastien2-4/+4
2018-03-14atrace: add Android Icon to projectMatthew Khouzam6-2/+7
2018-03-14atrace: supports atrace formatEva Terriault63-6/+16896
2018-03-01Callstack: Add benchmark for lttng-ust callstack analysisGeneviève Bastien8-3/+356
2018-02-27rest: Add an experiment serviceLoic Prieur-Drevon15-160/+608
2018-02-27model: Add method to retrieve kernel statuses with resolutionGeneviève Bastien7-9/+15
2018-02-26Fix Orbit reference in target definitionBernd Hufmann1-2/+2
2018-02-23rest: externalize product nameLoic Prieur-Drevon1-1/+1
2018-02-22rest: add support for XML treeXy providers.Loïc Prieur-Drevon8-8/+294
2018-02-22target: update target to oxygen.2 releaseLoic Prieur-Drevon2-3/+3
2018-02-20ftrace: add iconMatthew Khouzam6-2/+11
2018-02-20ftrace: Refactor to generic classGuillaume Champagne12-353401/+240
2018-02-20VM: Add tests for the overhead analysisGeneviève Bastien6-14/+306
2018-02-15vm: add fused vm resources iconMatthew Khouzam5-1/+3
2018-02-15doc: Remove lingering .project filesGeneviève Bastien3-111/+0
2018-02-12rest: add endpoints for the timegraphprovidersLoïc Prieur-Drevon9-239/+258
2018-02-10ftrace: supports ftrace formatEva Terriault68-0/+356739
2018-02-08rest.tests: Use WebApplication instead of Eclipse ApplicationLoic Prieur-Drevon5-38/+14
2018-02-08rest: generalize the DiskActivityViewService to all treeXY providersLoïc Prieur-Drevon9-104/+263
2018-02-06rest: restore the default constructor for the ApplicationLoic Prieur-Drevon1-0/+13
2018-02-05vm: Have the Virtual Resources analysis use the VE modelGeneviève Bastien9-266/+353
2018-02-05skeleton: Update year in skeleton filesGeneviève Bastien15-14/+23
2018-02-05vm: Introduce the virtual environment model analysisGeneviève Bastien25-16/+1519
2018-02-05traceevent.core: move field parser to TraceEventFieldMatthew Khouzam3-102/+100
2018-02-04rest: replace TraceModel class in the server by mapper.Loïc Prieur-Drevon10-157/+123
2018-02-04rest: Use the UUID instead of the trace name to confer to specLoïc Prieur-Drevon4-21/+49
2018-02-04callstack: Fix blank XML analysis flamegraphGeneviève Bastien1-0/+6
2018-02-04vm: Rename the VMModule to VirtualResourcesGeneviève Bastien35-60/+60
2018-02-04rest: Use the TmfTraceManager instead of the rest TraceManagerLoïc Prieur-Drevon8-153/+71
2018-02-04rest: fix multiple trace bug in rest serverLoïc Prieur-Drevon4-48/+78
2018-02-03rest: Introduce basic tests for the trace-serverLoïc Prieur-Drevon5-3/+289
2018-02-01vm: Fix SoftIrqLabelProvider pathGeneviève Bastien1-1/+1
2018-01-30vm: Fix getNewInstance of VmOverheadStateProviderGeneviève Bastien1-2/+1
2018-01-28traceevent: Add an XML callstack to group by componentsGeneviève Bastien4-3/+157
2018-01-26analysis: Remove analyses from host model when trace closesGeneviève Bastien5-9/+103
2018-01-26skeleton: Update script for new doc layoutGeneviève Bastien3-8/+9
2018-01-17analysis: bug 529757 Support blocking for getting TIDGeneviève Bastien5-15/+43
2018-01-15doc: Create directory before deploying docGeneviève Bastien5-1/+5
2018-01-12VM: Update link to lttng-modules branch in docGeneviève Bastien1-2/+2
2018-01-12Update main pom.xml for tycho and Eclipse versionsGeneviève Bastien1-7/+7

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