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BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
devftrace: Adjust parsing for trace-cmd formatGuillaume Champagne15 months
masterskeleton: make parse properlyMatthew Khouzam2 days
stable-4.0Update target to point to TC stableGeneviève Bastien15 months
stable-5.0callstack: Add PID to called functionsGeneviève Bastien3 months
stable-5.1target: Change update site for lsp4jGeneviève Bastien2 days
trace-serverFix SeriesModelSerializer due to changes in Trace Compass mainlineSimon Delisle5 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2018-07-31Update target to point to TC stablestable-4.0Geneviève Bastien1-1/+1
2018-07-19ftrace: Adjust parsing for trace-cmd formatdevGuillaume Champagne1-1/+20
2018-07-15skeleton: add year parameterChristophe Bourque Bedard19-18/+24
2018-07-11opentracing: remove the swtbot pluginGeneviève Bastien13-651/+0
2018-07-11opentracing: Span life viewKatherine Nadeau21-5/+506
2018-07-10traceevent.core: Handle validating prettied JSONMatthew Khouzam1-4/+22
2018-07-10opentracing: Basic support for Open Tracing (obtained with Jaeger)Katherine Nadeau120-254/+5101
2018-07-09ftrace: improve error messagesMatthew Khouzam1-4/+19
2018-07-05ftrace: Support the ftrace function graphGeneviève Bastien11-11/+316
2018-07-03ftrace: fix NPE on last lineMatthew Khouzam2-2/+8
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