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BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
devftrace: Adjust parsing for trace-cmd formatGuillaume Champagne13 months
masterfilters: Edit active filter on double-clickGeneviève Bastien2 weeks
stable-4.0Update target to point to TC stableGeneviève Bastien13 months
stable-5.0callstack: Add PID to called functionsGeneviève Bastien3 weeks
trace-serverFix SeriesModelSerializer due to changes in Trace Compass mainlineSimon Delisle3 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2019-08-06filters: Edit active filter on double-clickHEADmasterGeneviève Bastien2-2/+89
2019-08-05uftrace: Use ThreadNameAspect for thread nameGeneviève Bastien1-10/+2
2019-08-05callstack.core: allow TID entries to follow threadsMatthew Khouzam1-3/+7
2019-08-02scripting: Add unit tests for documentation scriptsGeneviève Bastien19-4/+1076
2019-08-02callstack: Better handling of pid and tidGeneviève Bastien7-5/+48
2019-08-01uftrace: Allow uftrace to correlate with kernel tracesGeneviève Bastien3-5/+43
2019-08-01releng: Remove common associateSites in update siteGeneviève Bastien3-3/+10
2019-08-01uftrace: Fix parsing recent traces and symbolsGeneviève Bastien2-1/+14
2019-08-01callstack: Only write log error once in the case of lost eventsMatthew Khouzam1-7/+9
2019-07-31scripting: Add a Trace moduleBenjamin Saint-Cyr6-1/+172
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