BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
MOB_TEST_BRIGHT_STLYETest separate bright style for ANSI TerminalMartin Oberhuber3 years
R3_0_maintenance[395465] [dstore][shells] customer hit an NPE on shell cleanupDavid McKnight13 months
R3_1_maintenance[releng] Move TM to Tools: GalileoMartin Oberhuber3 years
R3_2_maintenance[432872] [dstore] enforce secure permission bits for .dstore* logsDave McKnight15 hours
R3_3_maintenance[releng] hold master and test feature on specific versions for releaseMartin Oberhuber2 years
R3_4_maintenance[432433] RSE SSL messages should be updated to say SSL/TLSDave McKnight8 days
TM_3.5_maintenanceTerminal: Fix isConnectOnEnterIfClosed() should prevent the reconnectUwe Stieber3 weeks
dwd-move-init-trialTest moving the scheduling of the RSEInitJob to the RSEUIPluginDavid Dykstal16 months
dwd-useractions-source-splitupdates descriptions for the SDKDavid Dykstal15 months
master[432872] [dstore] enforce secure permission bits for .dstore* logsDave McKnight16 hours
TagDownloadAuthorAge  S3_6M4.tar.gz  S3_6M4.tar.bz2  David Dykstal4 months  S3_6M3.tar.gz  S3_6M3.tar.bz2  David Dykstal5 months  S3_5_1RC4.tar.gz  S3_5_1RC4.tar.bz2  Dave McKnight7 months  S3_5_1RC3.tar.gz  S3_5_1RC3.tar.bz2  Uwe Stieber8 months  S3_5_1RC2.tar.gz  S3_5_1RC2.tar.bz2  David Dykstal8 months  S3_5_1RC1.tar.gz  S3_5_1RC1.tar.bz2  David Dykstal8 months
R3_5GAtag 6690c62142...David Dykstal10 months  S3_5RC4.tar.gz  S3_5RC4.tar.bz2  David Dykstal10 months  S3_5RC3.tar.gz  S3_5RC3.tar.bz2  David Dykstal11 months  S3_5RC2.tar.gz  S3_5RC2.tar.bz2  David Dykstal11 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorCommitterFilesLines
16 hours[432872] [dstore] enforce secure permission bits for .dstore* logsHEADmasterDave McKnight Dave McKnight1-3/+26
17 hours[432875] [dstore] do not use rmt_classloader_cache*.jarDave McKnight Dave McKnight1-13/+23
42 hoursTerminal: Fix handling of "word-left" (ctrl+left) and "word-right" (ctrl+right)Max Weninger Uwe Stieber1-13/+21
8 days[432433] RSE SSL messages should be updated to say SSL/TLSDave McKnight Dave McKnight1-7/+8
8 daysTerminal: Fix SWT widget disposed exception on shutdown if terminal isUwe Stieber Uwe Stieber1-1/+1
2014-03-28[431396] RSE SystemRemoteFileDialog fails to expand CYGWIN emulatedDave McKnight Dave McKnight1-2/+10
2014-03-28Terminal: Fix isConnectOnEnterIfClosed() should prevent the reconnectUwe Stieber Uwe Stieber1-2/+2
2014-03-27[431378] [shells] Remote shells not always restored properly onDave McKnight Dave McKnight4-41/+40
2014-03-27Releng: Maven (pom) versions and MANIFEST versions must always matchUwe Stieber Uwe Stieber1-1/+1
2014-03-27Terminal: Fix build errors in test plug-in because of ITerminalControlUwe Stieber Uwe Stieber2-0/+14