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masterUse downloaded third party zipMartin Taal4 months
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2016-01-31Use downloaded third party zipHEADmasterMartin Taal2-10/+0
2016-01-31Use downloaded third party zipMartin Taal2-0/+10
2016-01-30Fixing issue [486803]Martin Taal41-35/+1560
2015-12-13Added pom.xml to repo for core/runtime pluginsMartin Taal5-0/+308
2015-12-08Moved ObstoreFactory to other packageMartin Taal5-10/+16
2015-12-08Solve failing tests on epackage conflictsMartin Taal6-28/+57
2015-12-07Solve failing EMFResourceObjectStore testsMartin Taal13-41/+132
2015-12-07Added system.err do debug server processMartin Taal2-2/+2
2015-12-07Added system.err do debug server processMartin Taal3-0/+8
2015-12-07Changed location of temp pathMartin Taal1-1/+1
git clone git://
git clone ssh://
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