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Elver Persistency is part of Eclipse.org as Teneo within EMFT

Elver persistency is part of eclipse.org as the Teneo project within EMFT:

  • The elver.org website will remain the source for documentation of Teneo.
  • The source code can be retrieved from Eclipse cvs. The new main java package name: org.eclipse.emf.teneo.
  • Teneo/Elver is part of the EMFT build process, builds can be downloaded here: EMFT Downloads (select the Teneo project in the listbox). For the Eclipse update manager use: http://download.eclipse.org/technology/emft/updates/site-interim.xml.
  • Support is given on the EMFT newsgroup: news://news.eclipse.org/eclipse.technology.emft.


The Elver project focuses on combining code, persistency and UI generation solutions. Elver/Teneo Persistency implements persistency solutions for generated Java objects by integrating code generation frameworks and existing persistency technologies.

EMF Persistency

Integrating EMF with existing persistency solutions, combines the power of a code generation framework like EMF and the power of storage, caching and querying of sophisticated object-relational mapping and persistency software.

EMF has been integrated with two persistency solutions:

Hibernate: The EMF - Hibernate integration (alpha status) supports persisting of basic EObjects, ELists with 1:n, n:m, one-way, two-way and contained relations. EMF Objects can be retrieved using HQL queries.

JDO/JPOX: The EMF - JPOX integration (alpha status) supports all EMF and JDO 2.0/JPOX features. EMF objects can be persisted in most major relational databases and retrieved using an EMF resource approach or advanced JDOQL queries.

Support for EMF 2.2 (release 0.7.5) and EMF 2.3 (release 0.8.0)

Teneo now supports both EMF 2.2 and EMF 2.3. EMF 2.3 is the next release of EMF with support for java jdk 1.5 generics. Teneo supports both EMF versions as follows:

  • EMF 2.2: for this EMF version the Teneo release numbered 0.7.5 should be used. This Teneo version is distributed as a Maintenance release (release number starts with M).
  • EMF 2.3: for this EMF version the Teneo release numbered 0.8.0 should be used. This Teneo version is distributed as an Integration release (release number starts with I).