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AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2012-11-02Increased memMartin Taal1-1/+1
2012-11-02Added querying to testcaseMartin Taal281-2402/+5732
2012-11-02latest updatesMartin Taal3-6/+10
2012-11-02added auditing support for emapMartin Taal11-384/+335
2012-11-02added auditing support for emapMartin Taal14-284/+1130
2012-11-02added auditing support for emapMartin Taal2-626/+0
2012-11-02added auditing support for emapMartin Taal26-364/+1757
2012-11-02Added support for mixed content and auditingMartin Taal60-2212/+33873
2012-11-01Solved failing testcaseMartin Taal3-0/+15
2012-11-01Latest auditing changesMartin Taal10-96/+112
2012-11-01Latest auditing changesMartin Taal533-1612/+91507
2012-10-31Added container supportMartin Taal3-31/+92
2012-10-30Added some more revision testingMartin Taal1-2/+22
2012-10-30First implementation of auditing including retrieving versionsMartin Taal5-20/+412
2012-10-29Reformatted code, first auditing developmentsMartin Taal1160-102957/+104709
2012-10-22Made size call non loading on listsMartin Taal1-1/+1
2012-10-12Added testcase for non-mandatory join columnMartin Taal18-0/+1459
2012-10-11Fixes issue 387421Martin Taal6-325/+810
2012-10-10Related to issue 391134Martin Taal17-0/+1433
2012-10-10Related to issue 387421Martin Taal1-20/+0
2012-10-10Related to issue 387421Martin Taal5-154/+259
2012-09-30Fixes issues 390774 and 390775Martin Taal39-44/+2917
2012-09-18Upped the memory of the test launchMartin Taal1-1/+1
2012-09-17Fixes for issue 387421Martin Taal761-11/+280455
2012-08-07Related to 386607Martin Taal8-29/+37
2012-08-06Added testcase for 386607Martin Taal19-2/+1278
2012-05-19Reenabled failing testcaseMartin Taal2-4/+5
2012-05-18Updated testcase to passMartin Taal1-2/+2
2012-05-18Updated testcase to passMartin Taal2-3/+3
2012-05-18Updated testcasesMartin Taal11-62/+56
2012-05-18Updated testcases for Hibernate 4.0Martin Taal4-2/+6
2012-05-18Work for Teneo 2.0 Hibernate 4.1, removed EclipseLinkMartin Taal22-69/+87
2012-05-18JPA2 implementd MapKeyJoinColumn support, backward compatible to HeliosMartin Taal36-202/+3330
2012-05-18JPA2 MapKeyColumn testcase checks db model, added support for Column annotati...Martin Taal4-15/+38
2012-05-18JPA2 added support for MapKeyColumnMartin Taal22-0/+2295
2012-05-14Added collection table testcaseMartin Taal17-0/+1686
2012-05-14Added jpa2 associationoverride.jointable supportMartin Taal29-16/+3468
2012-05-14jpa2: added elementcollection supportMartin Taal17-9/+1092
2012-05-11Added support for jpa2 order columnMartin Taal20-0/+2169
2012-05-06Solve failing testcase teneoMartin Taal2-4/+4
2012-05-05Solve build errorsMartin Taal3-7/+10
2012-05-05Added support for MapsIdMartin Taal31-38/+4841
2012-05-05solve compile errors on heliosMartin Taal4-45/+98
2012-05-05solve failing testcaseMartin Taal18-17/+47
2012-05-04Implemented testcase for jpa2 orphanRemoval attributeMartin Taal20-0/+2685
2012-04-08Fixes issue [376268] - Support unidirectional OneToOne including with the Pri...Martin Taal4-4/+4
2012-03-30Fixes issue [375705]Martin Taal15-0/+1178
2012-03-19Solve concurent exception in eclipselink and wrong generation of m2m join tableMartin Taal8-38/+38
2012-03-05Fixes issue [372869] and added testcaseMartin Taal4-0/+482
2012-01-26Fixes issue [368345] - Add support for pooled-lo sequence optimizerMartin Taal22-188/+1213

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