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-This bundle uses an Equinox extension to the Manifest file to
-make a jar available as a bundle by reference, rather than by
-wrapping it inside a bundle. This provides a way to build EclipseLink
-examples that rely on third party (possibly commercial) JDBC drivers
-without having to ship those drivers with EclipseLink.
-This bundle contains *NO* classes. For it to function you must define the
-environment variable DERBY_HOME, (e.g., DERBY_HOME=C:\bin\db-derby-
-In the bundle Manifest DERBY_HOME is used to reference the derbyclient.jar
-to make its classes available as if they resided inside the bundle. The
-jar is referenced as "DERBY_HOME\lib\derbyclient.jar".
-DERBY_HOME must be defined either in your environment or in the Eclipse
-Application launch configuration on the "Environment" tab.
-In Eclipse, PDE will give the error:
- "Package 'org.apache.derby.jdbc' does not exist in this plug-in"
-This is expected--don't panic. At runtime, Equinox will resolve the
-jar using the environment variable.

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