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AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2012-05-24Target Explorer: Added missing about.html filesUwe Stieber2-1/+30
2012-05-23Target Explorer: Refactoring the filter/search feature.William Chen21-314/+513
2012-05-22Target Explorer: Add missing comments in the two classes.William Chen2-2/+7
2012-05-21Target Explorer: Remove duplicate interface IDescriptionLabelProvider and fix...Uwe Stieber3-58/+33
2012-05-20Target Explorer: Remove an unused member field "images" from Pending.William Chen1-2/+1
2012-05-20Target Explorer: Add missing comments and externalized strings for theWilliam Chen13-273/+458
2012-05-20Target Explorer: More code about searching action.William Chen14-449/+545
2012-05-18Target Explorer: Add code to implement searching functionWilliam Chen14-128/+1181
2012-05-18Target Explorer: Bug fix for #379782: Provide a filter to match entriesWilliam Chen7-128/+191
2012-05-17Target Explorer: Add the filter to target explorer view.William Chen4-12/+158
2012-05-17Target Explorer: Bug #379782, to be continued...William Chen2-0/+281
2012-05-17Target Explorer: Add "Select All" and "Deselect All" to "Filter..." andWilliam Chen3-0/+60
2012-05-16Target Explorer: Refactoring the TreeViewerExplorerPage. Adding William Chen7-445/+25
2012-05-15Releng: Fix copyright headerUwe Stieber26-28/+51
2012-05-14Target Explorer: Display the pending node while expanding the tree node.William Chen2-0/+6
2012-05-13Target Explorer: Extract a pending-aware label provider to remove theWilliam Chen3-8/+50
2012-05-09Target Explorer: FIX action visibility and enablement, launch reuse, npeTobias Schwarz1-18/+18
2012-05-09Target Explorer: Avoid getUnifiedIdentifier() to return nullUwe Stieber1-1/+1
2012-05-07Target Explorer: Add a "Collapse All" tool bar action to the treeWilliam Chen7-1/+59
2012-05-03Target Explorer: Restore original view name. Prepare for custom overwriteUwe Stieber1-1/+1
2012-05-03Target Explorer: Rework refresh handlers (removing delegate) of fileWilliam Chen1-105/+19
2012-05-02Target Explorer: Further naming clarificationsUwe Stieber2-7/+7
2012-04-27Target Explorer: Bug 377856 - [UI] Rename "Target Explorer" viewUwe Stieber2-7/+7
2012-04-25Target Explorer: Fix QUESTION and YES_NO_CANCEL status handler casesUwe Stieber1-2/+7
2012-04-25Target Explorer: Update status handler interface to use ICallback, added test...Uwe Stieber1-9/+10
2012-04-24Target Explorer: Use animated pending images.William Chen7-1/+208
2012-04-23Target Explorer: Fix an issue in CommonViewerListener.William Chen1-6/+1
2012-04-23Target Explorer: Improve the performance of CommonViewerListener whenWilliam Chen2-17/+10
2012-04-22Target Explorer: Fix FindBugs warning: LI_LAZY_INIT_STATICUwe Stieber1-15/+15
2012-04-15Fix unsafe static field initializationUwe Stieber1-1/+1
2012-04-05Target Explorer: Move PropertyChangeProvider to org.eclipse.tcf.te.core.William Chen1-69/+0
2012-04-05Target Explorer: Change the jface property change listener toWilliam Chen7-109/+49
2012-03-31Target Explorer: Fix JavadocsUwe Stieber1-1/+0
2012-03-30Target Explorer: Add tests for File System content providers.William Chen1-5/+7
2012-03-28Target Explorer: Add comments and reduce the forced refreshing interval.William Chen1-2/+5
2012-03-28Target Explorer: Refresh the viewer when times out.William Chen1-11/+38
2012-03-13Target Explorer: Correct copyright time issues in header licenses.William Chen4-4/+4
2012-03-12Target Explorer: Code for Bug #372631 and #372632.William Chen4-0/+919
2012-03-02Target Explorer: Fixed Bug 372810 - Cannot open a peer with Eclipse 4.2M5Uwe Stieber1-3/+8
2012-02-27Target Explorer: Fix an NPE regression caused by refactoring.William Chen1-6/+12
2012-02-23Target Explorer: Fix more warnings from FindBugs.William Chen4-8/+22
2012-02-23Target Explorer: Adjust findbugs exclude filter and undo ...Uwe Stieber2-4/+3
2012-02-23Target Explorer: Fix two high-priority issues found by FindBugs.William Chen3-8/+13
2012-02-12Target Explorer: Fix asserts and typos in javadocUwe Stieber1-1/+1
2012-02-08Target Explorer: [371036] Move the call to getParent in theWilliam Chen1-5/+26
2012-02-03Target Explorer: Fix expressions are not activating plug-in's even if the fla...Uwe Stieber4-38/+42
2012-02-01Target Explorer: Fix the issue in SafeRunner usage.William Chen4-0/+44
2012-02-01Target Explorer: Add two externalized strings.William Chen2-30/+25
2012-01-30Target Explorer: Filter out events for AbstractTreeControl.William Chen1-15/+18
2012-01-30Target Explorer: Use a single timer to schedule refreshing tasks.William Chen2-25/+43

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