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2015-01-12TCF Python: Fix parsing/sending slave info in LocatorServiceAnton Leherbauer1-5/+5
2014-03-25Breakpoints service fix.Frederic Leger1-1/+1
The Breakpoint instance object mistakenly returned instance size instead of instance type.
2014-03-25Documentation fix.Frederic Leger2-22/+53
The documentation was mentionning that the access mode capability was a boolean, while it is an integer instead. Reference anchors have been added for all property arrays too.
2014-03-14Python - Added Processes_v1 service update.Frederic Leger4-47/+203
The getCapabilities() method has been added to the Processes_V1 service along with the values it uses. The services documentation has been updated and can now be generated using sphinx.
2014-03-13Python - Copyright dates update.Frederic Leger27-27/+27
2014-03-13Python - Misc PEP8 fixes.Frederic Leger3-10/+10
2014-03-13Python - Cache utility update.Frederic Leger1-10/+13
Prevent waiting list manipulation errors.
2014-03-13Python - PyDev edition warnings removal.Frederic Leger1-20/+20
2014-03-13Python - StackTrace service update.Frederic Leger1-91/+269
The StackTrace service can now be documented using sphinx. Some operators have been added to the StackTraceContext object so that one can compare StackTrace contexts.
2014-03-13Python - RunControl service update.Frederic Leger1-298/+757
The RunControl service can now be documented using sphinx. The getISA() nethod has been added along with a RunControlISA class to handle returned ISA (Instruction Set Architecture) objects.
2014-03-13Python - memory map service update.Frederic Leger1-97/+274
The memorymap service can now be documented using sphinx. The __contains__() method has been added to the MemoryRegion class so that one can do something like : if address in memoryregion: # do that
2014-03-13Python - locator service update.Frederic Leger1-28/+175
Locator service can now be documented using sphinx. The getAgentID() service method has been added too.
2014-03-13Python - services documentation.Frederic Leger16-2288/+5931
Services can now be documented using sphinx.
2014-03-13Python - breakpoints service enhancements.Frederic Leger1-147/+753
An effort to make this services documented using sphinx. The class BreakpointInstance has also been added to easily handle breakpoints instances retrieved from breakpoints events.
2014-03-13Python documentation.Frederic Leger1-9/+25
Most of this modification is for documentation. The DefaultServiceProvider class also relies on its module name rather than on a hard coded value to determine the proxies module names.
2014-03-13Python - Symbol Proxy fixes.Frederic Leger1-3/+3
Several methods had some bad copy/paste. Following methods have been fixed : - getLocationInfo() - getSymFileInfo() - findByName()
2014-03-13Improve debug output in the case of exception.Frederic Leger13-28/+113
Another ound of adding the stacktrace at the time of the exception.
2014-03-13Disassembly opcode value fix.Frederic Leger1-1/+2
The OpcodeValue field of a disassembled instruction was not set to a byte array as specified by the documentation.
2014-03-13Stricter PEP8.Frederic Leger1-24/+22
Applied strict PEP8 coding style.
2014-03-13Improve debug output in the case of exception.Frederic Leger2-12/+18
Add the stacktrace at the time of the exception.
2013-05-17Copyright year is updated in files that changed in 2013Eugene Tarassov2-2/+2
2013-03-28TCF Python: Initial sample for usersFrederic Leger1-0/+655
2013-01-16TCF Python: Bug 397827 - Use relative imports inside tcf package modulesFrederic Leger62-1060/+1983
2013-01-04TCF Python: Bug 397360 - Bug in ExpressionProxy.getContextJerome Guiban1-2/+2
2012-10-29TCF Python: Bug 392892 - Pathmap service does not handle pathmap eventsFrederic Leger2-13/+60
2012-10-23TCF Python: Bug 392583 - Fix packet header removalBenoit Perrin1-1/+2
2012-09-24TCF Python: Bug 390178 - Missing APIs/properties in python servicesFrederic Leger20-522/+1307
interfaces and proxies
2012-08-06TCF Python: Bug 386552 - Missing processes properties in processes_v1.pyFrederic Leger1-9/+19
2012-07-20TCF Python: Bug 385160 - Memory.set command fails to generate the errorJerome Guiban1-3/+3
string when command fails
2012-06-25TCF Python: Bug 382488 - Trailing comma at the end of the TYPE_SOFTWAREFrederic Leger1-94/+118
property name
2012-06-11TCF Python: Bug 382099 - FileSystemProxy copy command must remove idLaura Le Padellec1-1/+1
from arguments
2012-06-04TCF Python: Bug 381578 - mkdir missing pathLaura Le Padellec1-35/+108
2012-05-31Fix locator service updating peer attributes.Anton Leherbauer3-70/+134
2012-05-16Bug 379583 - runcontrol service interface lacks some APIsFrederic Leger1-66/+168
2012-04-17Bug 376883 - ContextQuery service is missingManuel Coutand2-0/+124
2012-03-12TCF Python: Bug 373655 - refers to unexisting variable inFrederic Leger1-9/+15
isShutdown() method
2012-03-02TCF Python: Bug 372940 - LocatorService on Linux is not able to getFrederic Leger1-14/+67
remote peers
2012-02-28TCF Python: Bug 372735 - LocatorService fails to parse peer attributesAnton Leherbauer1-34/+39
2012-02-27TCF Python: Follow up on fix for bug 372472Chris Wyse1-1/+1
2012-02-24TCF Python: Bug 372472 - Memory error handling & attached propertyChris Wyse2-5/+5
2012-02-24TCF Python: Improve BasicTests and make PEP8 compliantAnton Leherbauer1-88/+228
2012-02-24TCF Python: Bug 372346 - Missing service support for Expressions andBenoit Perrin4-12/+162
2012-02-24TCF Python: Bug 372341 - terminals services is missing some of the APIsFrederic Leger1-9/+38
exported by Java
2012-02-24TCF Python: Bug 372304 - SysMonitorProxy calls for doneGetCommandLine()Frederic Leger1-2/+2
instead of doneGetEnvironment()
2012-02-03TCF Python: Fix TerminalProxy typosAnton Leherbauer1-10/+12
2012-02-03TCF Python: Remove bogus commas from constant assignmentsAnton Leherbauer1-12/+12
2012-01-27TCF Python: Fix FileSystemException constructor to accept also unicodeAnton Leherbauer1-5/+5
2012-01-26TCF Python: Fix dangerous assignments to reserved namesAnton Leherbauer9-56/+55
2012-01-26TCF Python: Fix assignment to reserved name 'len'Anton Leherbauer1-3/+4
2012-01-26TCF Python: Fix FileSystemCommand._toSFError conversion bugsAnton Leherbauer1-8/+11

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