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2015-05-20Bug 467699 - HTML doc of stacktrace service command getChildrenRange() is wrongEugene Tarassov1-1/+5
2015-05-13TCF Debugger: added added support for updating the Registers view while the c...Eugene Tarassov2-3/+27
2015-04-17TCF Core: Symbols service: new symbol attribute: BitStrideEugene Tarassov2-0/+11
2015-03-31TCF Debugger: fixed: the Debug view briefly shows bogus stack frame during ra...Eugene Tarassov1-3/+3
2015-03-17TCF Core: StackTrace service: new stack frame properties: CodeArea and FuncIDEugene Tarassov4-33/+76
2015-02-20TCF Core: added a buffer for output stream in AbstractChannel - improved perf...Eugene Tarassov3-62/+144
2015-02-13Releng: Fix copyrightsUwe Stieber4-4/+4
2015-02-11TCF Core: new memory context properties: "AddressableUnitSize" and "DefaultWo...Eugene Tarassov2-1/+35
2015-02-02Releng: Streamline pom file hierarchy and fix target configuration if buildin...Uwe Stieber1-2/+2
2015-01-29Bug 458615 - Provide support for signed fixedEugene Tarassov2-2/+6
2015-01-09Bug 456765 - Entering an invalid breakpoint condition does not cause any errorEugene Tarassov1-0/+1
2014-11-26Bug 451283 - TCF debugger does not support native complex typesEugene Tarassov3-1/+5
2014-11-26Bug 451579 - C++11: missing support of rvalue reference typeEugene Tarassov1-1/+1
2014-11-25Bug 451579 - C++11: missing support of rvalue reference typeEugene Tarassov1-26/+29
2014-11-14Bug 451598 - Provide support for TAG_variant and TAG_variant_partEugene Tarassov2-1/+5
2014-10-29TCF Core: code cleanupEugene Tarassov2-8/+8
2014-10-14Bug 446518 - Function breakpoints should be planted after function prologueEugene Tarassov1-2/+4
2014-09-21TCF Debugger: fixed handling of DWARF implicit pointersEugene Tarassov2-0/+15
2014-08-01TCF Core: code cleanupEugene Tarassov2-3/+3
2014-07-29Releng: Restore original copyright headers and replace only the invalid copyr...Uwe Stieber87-361/+448
2014-07-23Bug 439761 - Java SymbolsProxy does not accept list of contexts as response f...Anton Leherbauer2-3/+36
2014-07-22Releng: Fix copyrightsUwe Stieber87-448/+361
2014-07-02TCF Core: Symbols service: Symbol.isBigEndian() changed to be usable even if ...Eugene Tarassov1-2/+2
2014-07-02TCF Debugger: fixed View Memory command for bit-fieldsEugene Tarassov1-2/+3
2014-07-02TCF Core: fixed Symbol.isBigEndian()Eugene Tarassov1-1/+1
2014-06-03TCF Core: Profiler service: new command getCapabilitiesEugene Tarassov2-2/+41
2014-05-16TCF Core: new peer attribute: NeedSyms. If present, indicates that the peer s...Eugene Tarassov1-0/+3
2014-04-25Releng: Fix copyrightsUwe Stieber2-2/+2
2014-04-23TCF Core: fixed missing @since 1.2 tagEugene Tarassov1-0/+3
2014-04-23TCF Core: Run Control service: added support for context states other than Su...Eugene Tarassov2-1/+39
2014-04-10Bug 432455 - Add an option to show qualified type namesAnton Leherbauer1-1/+4
2014-02-27Releng: Update version match rules to require 1.3.0Uwe Stieber1-4/+4
2014-02-25Releng: Uprev master branch version to 1.3.0Uwe Stieber2-3/+3
2014-02-20Releng: Run "Fix copyrights" tool to update the copyrights prior to a possibl...Uwe Stieber26-26/+26
2014-02-04TCF Core: new public method: Tarassov1-3/+3
2013-12-13TCF Core: non-ASCII characters are removed from code commentsEugene Tarassov4-35/+35
2013-12-13TCF Core: non-ASCII characters are removed from code commentsEugene Tarassov17-69/+69
2013-12-05TCF Core: updated code style preferencesEugene Tarassov1-4/+4
2013-12-04Bug 422854 - API Tooling Errors in TCF CoreEugene Tarassov31-130/+294
2013-12-03TCF Core: added definitions of new attributes of run control state: FuncCall ...Eugene Tarassov2-1/+7
2013-11-26TCF Core: fixed: when a channel is terminated, pending command should be abor...Eugene Tarassov1-1/+2
2013-11-14TCF Core: a bit faster implementation of TCF communication channelEugene Tarassov2-29/+80
2013-11-07Revert "Target Explorer: add \0 char at the end of result data if missing"Eugene Tarassov1-6/+0
2013-11-06Target Explorer: add \0 char at the end of result data if missingTobias Schwarz1-0/+6
2013-11-04TCF Core: removed support for Java 1.5 or older. Now 1.6 is minimum required ...Eugene Tarassov1-62/+15
2013-10-28TCF Core: fixed FindBugs warning: The return value of this method should be c...Eugene Tarassov1-1/+1
2013-10-28TCF Core: code cleanupEugene Tarassov1-15/+23
2013-10-28TCF Core: fixed FindBugs warning: The constructor starts a thread. This is li...Eugene Tarassov1-3/+8
2013-10-28TCF Core: fixed FindBugs warning: This class overrides equals(Object), but do...Eugene Tarassov1-14/+27
2013-10-28TCF Core: fixed FindBugs warning: This class defines a compareTo(...) method ...Eugene Tarassov1-0/+11

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