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+<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN">
+ <title>Target Communication Framework</title>
+<h1>Target Communication Framework </h1>
+<p>Copyright (c) 2007 Wind River Systems, Inc. Made available under the EPL v1.0
+<p>Direct comments, questions to the <a href=""></a> mailing list
+<h2>Available Documentation</h2>
+<table border=1 cellpadding=8>
+ <tr>
+ <td><a href='TCF Project.html'>TCF Project Overview</a>
+ <td width=500>TCF project goals and results
+ <tr>
+ <td><a href='TCF Getting Started.html'>TCF: Getting Started</a>
+ <td width=500>Getting started with TCF - creating Eclipse workspace, building agent, making a first connection
+ <tr>
+ <td><a href='TCF Specification.html'>TCF Specifications</a>
+ <td width=500>Design goals, requirements and format of TCF communication protocol,
+ framework API and software design considerations
+ <tr>
+ <td><a href='TCF Services.html'>TCF Services Definitions</a>
+ <td width=500>TCF communication model is based on the idea of services.
+ A service is a group of related commands, events and semantics.
+ New services are expected to be defined by developers of tools and target agents.
+ To achieve certain level of compatibility of tools/targets TCF inclides definitions
+ of common services
+ <tr>
+ <td><a href='TCF Context Identifier Explanation.html'>TCF Context Identifier Explanation</a>
+ <td width=500>Most if not all TCF services functions need some way to identify what entity e.g. process,
+ thread, task, device on JTAG scan chain, etc they should operate on.
+ To do this TCF uses a context identifier (aka ContextId). This document is attempting to explain how
+ ContextIds are intended to be used
+ <tr>
+ <td><a href='TCF Linux Agent Prototype.html'>TCF Agent Prototype</a>
+ <td width=500>Brief description of the TCF target agent prototype implementation

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