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2019-08-28TCF Agent: fixed missing #includeHEADmasterEugene Tarassov1-0/+1
2019-08-21Bug 550086 - two breakpoints at single line when debug executable file compil...Eugene Tarassov1-1/+2
2019-08-19TCF Agent: added missing opcodes in the MicroBlaze-64 disassemblerEugene Tarassov1-1/+34
2019-08-17TCF Agent: Run Control: better support of native "step over"Eugene Tarassov1-0/+2
2019-08-12TCF Agent: framework, system: Avoid resource leaksEugene Tarassov2-7/+19
2019-07-20TCF Agent: improved handling of ptrace errors on LinuxEugene Tarassov1-5/+5
2019-07-20TCF Agent: Run Control service: better handling of unexpected resume during "...Eugene Tarassov1-5/+7
2019-07-18TCF Agent: new function in HTTP server API: http_close()Eugene Tarassov4-25/+48
2019-07-18TCF Agent: improved handling of ptrace errors on LinuxEugene Tarassov1-42/+42
2019-06-13TCF Agent: removed unnecessary call of tmp_strdup() in set_errno()Eugene Tarassov1-11/+8
2019-06-11TCF Agent: added support for faster traversal of registers hierarchyEugene Tarassov3-3/+56
2019-04-26TCF Agent: changed assert(is_all_stopped(ctx)) to print offending contexts be...Eugene Tarassov3-22/+29
2019-04-19TCF Agent: fixed segfault in TCF over HTTP protocol handlerEugene Tarassov1-0/+1
2019-03-20TCF Agent: new server option: Hidden - disable discovery of the serverEugene Tarassov5-11/+15
2019-03-19TCF Agent: improved Context Reset serviceEugene Tarassov2-35/+68
2019-03-03TCF Agent: fixed typo in check-c-lib scriptEugene Tarassov1-1/+1
2019-02-26TCF Agent: improve native and cross builds with cmakeSanimir Agovic1-45/+3
2019-02-19TCF Agent: vxWorks: _WRS_CONFIG_CORE_POSIX_MKDIR should be _WRS_CONFIG_CORE__...Eugene Tarassov1-1/+1
2019-02-16TCF Agent: ARM Linux: r_debug.r_brk can have bit 0 set to 1 to indicate Thumb...Eugene Tarassov2-2/+15
2019-02-15TCF Agent: fixed: SIGILL is ignored for Linux threads other than main threadEugene Tarassov1-2/+2
2019-02-15TCF Agent: VxWorks mkdir changed to support two parametersEugene Tarassov1-7/+8
2019-02-13Bug 544359: After applying Bug 543995, line breakpoints are adjusted to wrong...Eugene Tarassov1-0/+14
2019-02-13TCF Agent: DWARF: optimize away duplicate entries in mFileInfoHash, and some ...Eugene Tarassov1-31/+48
2019-02-06TCF Agent: new property returned by Locator.getPeers command: FlagsEugene Tarassov1-1/+5
2019-02-06TCF Agent: added support for multiple -s command line optionsEugene Tarassov1-9/+27
2019-02-05TCF Agent: TCF-over-HTTP: added support for session ID as part of URLEugene Tarassov1-20/+37
2019-01-31Bug 543995 - Add breakpoint failed with error message: "Unresolved source lin...Eugene Tarassov1-1/+2
2019-01-30TCF Agent: new command line option: -H<dir> add HTML directory nameEugene Tarassov1-0/+22
2019-01-30TCF Agent: got rid of compiler warningEugene Tarassov1-6/+7
2019-01-24TCF Agent: fixed: cannot change handling of first few real-time signals on LinuxEugene Tarassov1-10/+19
2019-01-23TCF Agent: fixed: ARM stack crawl fails if previous frame was traced using de...Eugene Tarassov1-1/+4
2019-01-23TCF Agent: ARM stack crawl: better handling of return from exceptionEugene Tarassov1-4/+12
2019-01-23TCF Agent: more aggressive disposal of dormant TCF-over-HTTP connectionsEugene Tarassov1-8/+16
2019-01-20TCF Agent: Breakpoints service: better logic to select breakpoint instruction...Eugene Tarassov1-103/+115
2019-01-17TCF Agent: fixed: integer overflow in symbols proxy can cause flood of getAdd...Eugene Tarassov1-7/+18
2019-01-17TCF Agent: better handling of context terminate commands and SIGKILL on LinuxEugene Tarassov1-34/+51
2019-01-17TCF Agent: ENABLE_ContextISA default value changed to 1Eugene Tarassov1-1/+1
2019-01-16TCF Agent: ARM stack crawl: fixed handling of TBB and TBH instructionsEugene Tarassov1-2/+26
2019-01-16TCF Agent: fixed ARM Thumb support on LinuxEugene Tarassov2-73/+341
2019-01-15Check for availability of the getauxval() function during Linux buildEugene Tarassov1-0/+17
2019-01-15Updated MSVC project filesEugene Tarassov1-0/+3
2019-01-11TCF Agent: new function: tmp_strndup()Eugene Tarassov2-3/+11
2019-01-10TCF Agent: initial support for riscv64 LinuxSanimir Agovic10-5/+247
2019-01-09Fixed copyright messagesEugene Tarassov2-7/+14
2019-01-04TCF Agent: HTTP server: fixed Cache-Control and Content-Type headersEugene Tarassov1-7/+15
2018-12-30TCF Agent: initial implementation of a basic Reset serviceSanimir Agovic6-2/+252
2018-12-26TCF Agent: performance optimizations in HTTP serverEugene Tarassov3-49/+97
2018-12-20TCF Agent: fix and improve the stack trace loggingMircea Gherzan1-2/+2
2018-12-11TCF Agent: Symbols service: fixed retrieving address of C/C++ labelEugene Tarassov3-2/+19
2018-11-30TCF Agent: new function in HTTP server API: add_http_directory()Eugene Tarassov3-8/+83

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