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2014-02-04Version updated to 1.1.2 for Kepler SR2 release1.1Eugene Tarassov2-2/+4
2013-12-03Bug 423033 - Crash during loc_free of peer serverEugene Tarassov1-1/+1
2013-12-02Bug 422666 - Parsing expressions containing a odd number double quote charact...Eugene Tarassov1-1/+4
2013-09-27Fix debug_arrangesXavier Pouyollon1-1/+3
2013-08-27TCF Agent: version changed to 1.1.1 for Kepler SR1 releaseEugene Tarassov2-2/+4
2013-07-10Bug 412522 - Run to line in disassembly View uses decimal valuesEugene Tarassov1-1/+1
2013-06-12Bug 410563 - TCF agent version is still "1.0" in the "1.1" branchEugene Tarassov4-10/+14
2013-06-10Bug 410348 - [releng][agent] Update Copyright Dates for the TCF AgentMartin Oberhuber80-82/+194
2013-05-21TCF Agent: signal set bits should use JSON 'unsigned long' instead of 'long'Eugene Tarassov1-3/+3
2013-05-21TCF Agent: read_sigset returns a pointer instead of a structureSebastien Douheret1-8/+6
2013-05-18Bug 408260 - Chained tcf servers do not report correct list of servicesBenoit Perrin1-2/+95
2013-05-18Bug 408257 - Signal framework does not support signal numbers beyond 32 (e.g ...Eugene Tarassov14-61/+337
2013-05-17TCF Agent: fixed few issues with space characters in command argumentsEugene Tarassov6-22/+32
2013-05-17TCF Agent: added code to print offending contexts when assert(is_all_stopped(...Eugene Tarassov1-2/+18
2013-05-17Copyright year is updated in files that changed in 2013Eugene Tarassov44-44/+44
2013-05-17TCF Server: fixed: assertion failure when target connection is terminated dur...Eugene Tarassov1-3/+7
2013-05-17TCF Agent - Bug 408331: Fixed VxWorks buildrenan1-0/+2
2013-05-17TCF Agent - Bug 406668: Made VxWorks TCF tasks unbreakableRenan Le Padellec1-0/+1
2013-05-14Bug 407859 - dwarf-test executable not building anymoreEugene Tarassov4-48/+52
2013-05-10Add hooks to main.c to allow extensions without coping/mergingFelix Burton2-0/+54
2013-05-07TCF Agent: fixed: assertion failure when debug contexts with same ID are rapi...Eugene Tarassov1-0/+1
2013-05-07TCF Agent: fixed: if a client sends stepping command and disconnects, executi...Eugene Tarassov1-4/+4
2013-05-07TCF Agent: got rid of compiler warningsEugene Tarassov1-2/+2
2013-05-04TCF Agent: a bit better (more efficient) implementation of RM_STEP_OUTEugene Tarassov1-1/+3
2013-05-04TCF Agent: fixed: stopped_by_cb list can contain invalid pointers after a bre...Eugene Tarassov1-0/+5
2013-04-30TCF Agent: Memory service changed to support ACPM cache missesEugene Tarassov1-177/+248
2013-04-30TCF Agent: fixed: bogus "Unsupported set of breakpoint attributes" in a break...Eugene Tarassov1-23/+38
2013-04-30TCF Agent - Bug 406315: Use native VxWorks definitions for ELF filesRenan Le Padellec1-1/+2
2013-04-30TCF Agent - Bug 406579: Fixed VxWorks 64bit buildRenan Le Padellec4-6/+52
2013-04-26TCF Agent: RunControl service: better handling of cache missesEugene Tarassov1-66/+78
2013-04-26TCF Agent: cache API extended: allow NULL as channel argument in cache_enter(...Eugene Tarassov2-8/+20
2013-04-26TCF Agent: StackTrace.getContext command handler changed to support cache mis...Eugene Tarassov1-22/+30
2013-04-26TCF Agent: Expressions.evaluate command handler changed to better support cac...Eugene Tarassov1-25/+16
2013-04-26TCF Agent: step out logic changed to support to support stepping from a funct...Eugene Tarassov1-48/+50
2013-04-26TCF Agent: got rid of compiler warningEugene Tarassov1-1/+1
2013-04-24TCF Agent: ARM disassembler: added symbol names in branch instructions commentsEugene Tarassov3-4/+31
2013-04-23Bug 405902 - Step-Over / Step-Into falls into a stub when debugging code comp...Eugene Tarassov1-0/+29
2013-04-23Fixed build error when -m32 option is used on a 64-bit machineEugene Tarassov1-0/+6
2013-04-14TCF Agent: a better scripts for building the agent on WindowsEugene Tarassov2-9/+9
2013-04-14TCF Agent: got rid of compiler warningsEugene Tarassov2-7/+4
2013-04-11Enable initialization output on stdout and stderr in daemon mode and add daem...Felix Burton4-15/+362
2013-04-09TCF Agent: faster ByteArrayInputStreamEugene Tarassov2-10/+8
2013-04-09TCF Agent: Adapt code for VxWorksJean-Michel Pedrono1-6/+6
2013-04-05Bug 404788 - Symbols proxy service : symbol cache is not flushed on path mapp...Eugene Tarassov3-41/+128
2013-04-04TCF Agent: Allow default server name to be set at compile timeFelix Burton1-1/+5
2013-04-03TCF Agent: code cleanup - TABs converted to spacesEugene Tarassov1-1/+1
2013-04-03Bug 404782 - Stacktrace service: get_next_stack_frame() may invoke get_stack_...Eugene Tarassov1-1/+3
2013-04-03TCF Agent: fixed: fstat() returns st_dev = 0 on Windows, which breaks ELF fil...Eugene Tarassov1-1/+5
2013-04-03TCF Agent: code cleanup - TABs converted to spacesEugene Tarassov1-2/+2
2013-04-03TCF Agent: fixed: when removing a software breakpoint, Breakpoints service sh...Eugene Tarassov1-3/+11

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