AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
3 daysBug 531265 - Update changed Nebula snapshot URL(Oomph setup and targets)HEADmasterAparna Argade9-15/+15
2018-01-16Bug 527571 - Recorder/Generator misses CCombo selectionAparna Argade8-12/+225
2018-01-15Bug 529835 - Fix DoubleClickTreeItemRule (generator)Aparna Argade3-5/+109
2018-01-13Bug 529122 - New rules for Selection, Check and Doubleclick on TableAparna Argade11-19/+574
2017-12-04Bug 528106: Target Platform for PhotonPatrick Tasse7-1/+125
2017-11-14Bug 526966 - Allow match default data for JFaceMickael Istria5-50/+218
2017-11-13Bug 526768 - SWTBotExpandItem's expand and collapse enhancementsAparna Argade2-151/+173
2017-10-25Put all SWTBot views into the same categoryMichael Keppler3-8/+13
2017-10-20Bug 526299: Correct application name in library.xml (headless execution)Aparna Argade1-1/+1
2017-09-27Bug 430047: SWTBotTree#expandNode doesn't always workAparna Argade1-18/+12
2017-07-14Bug 519689 - Oomph setup is brokenAparna Argade1-1/+2
2017-07-11Bug 519306: Exception thrown by getBounds() for disposed widgetPatrick Tasse5-0/+15
2017-06-28Up to 2.7.0Patrick Tasse96-155/+155
2017-06-14Bug 518266: SWTUtils.allThreads() only supports up to 64 threads2.6.0Patrick Tasse1-4/+8
2017-06-07Fix new Java 1.6 warningsPatrick Tasse212-18/+728
2017-06-07Change minimum Execution Environment to JavaSE-1.6 for all plug-insPatrick Tasse94-187/+225
2017-06-06Fix plug-in warningsPatrick Tasse14-17/+133
2017-06-06Fix Java warningsPatrick Tasse7-23/+22
2017-06-01Update Orbit repository location to Oxygen releasePatrick Tasse1-2/+2
2017-06-01Fix raw type warningsPatrick Tasse34-176/+193
2017-05-31Fix unused variables and imports warningsPatrick Tasse6-27/+11
2017-05-31Implement setFocus() in EclipseSpy viewPatrick Tasse2-3/+12
2017-05-31Fix deprecation warningsPatrick Tasse13-44/+49
2017-05-24Bug 517164: Command Image of "Import SWTBot code" is too largePatrick Tasse1-1/+1
2017-05-24Ignore Java compiler warnings in org.eclipse.gef.examples.logic plug-inPatrick Tasse1-2/+5
2017-05-24Remove unused API problem filtersPatrick Tasse1-51/+0
2017-05-24Fix SWTBotViewTest.breakpointsViewMenuWorkingSets()Patrick Tasse3-2/+113
2017-05-24Bug 508710: SWTBotTreeItem.contextMenu broken by FocusOutAparna Argade4-20/+0
2017-05-19Fix SWTBot tests broken by change of dialog button labelsPatrick Tasse3-4/+33
2017-05-17Bug 516325: Support for Tree within NatTableAparna Argade3-10/+778
2017-05-16Bug 516127: Target Platform for OxygenPatrick Tasse7-3/+127
2017-05-16Temporary fix for SWTBotTextTest.typesText()Patrick Tasse1-0/+10
2017-05-13Bug 516615: SWTBotText.setText(String) sets text asynchronouslyPatrick Tasse1-1/+1
2017-05-13Bug 475346: SWTWorkbenchBot.resetWorkbench() closes the e4 limbo shellPatrick Tasse1-2/+9
2017-05-13Fix eclipse.finder unit testsPatrick Tasse5-26/+20
2017-05-13Bug 516611: SWTBotEclipseEditor proposal shell does not always disappearPatrick Tasse1-19/+53
2017-05-10Bug 516098: New API searchText and containsText addition in SWTBotTable Kunal Tayal2-11/+76
2017-05-08Bug 516017: Implement Drag and Drop using DNDEventPatrick Tasse7-64/+310
2017-04-27Bug 512815: SWTBotNatTable Cell Style using ConfigRegistry labelsAparna Argade3-0/+65
2017-04-26Fix missing @Override warningsPatrick Tasse104-8/+245
2017-04-25Bug 393032: SWTBotTable.click causes row selection events problemPatrick Tasse1-5/+6
2017-04-25Bug 515781: Wrong coordinates in table/tree selection mouse eventsPatrick Tasse18-136/+198
2017-04-25Bug 508710: Fix asyncExec handling in SWTBotTable/Tree unselect()Patrick Tasse2-2/+2
2017-04-24Bug 508710: Fix asyncExec handling and SWTBotTreeItem.select(...)Patrick Tasse4-123/+217
2017-04-21Bug 508710: SWTBotTable, SWTBotTree's select and unselect improvementsAparna Argade6-83/+320
2017-04-17Bug 509723: SWTBotTextBox should not set/type text if Read-onlyAparna Argade2-2/+55
2017-04-17Fix IllegalStateException in SWTUtils.display()Patrick Tasse1-4/+5
2017-04-14Bug 510835: SWTBotList should send more realistic events and check styleAparna Argade3-54/+218
2017-04-13Bug 496519: waitForEnabled in SWTBotTreeItem, SWTBotTableItemAparna Argade3-34/+126
2017-04-12Support in SWTBotNatTable for viewport scrollingAparna Argade7-53/+396