BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
STEM2testkun4 months
STEM_1_4_1Fix problem with incidence showing up in the new disease initializer wizardStefan Edlund3 years
STEM_2_0_0Fix missing icon in 2.0 buildStefan Edlund2 years
STEM_2_0_1Undo deleteStefan Edlund24 months
STEM_2_0_3Location picker is now draggableStefan Edlund12 months
evolveddiseasesfixed bug in squaring genomic distanceJames Kaufman3 days
masterFix for bug 487435. ShpInputStream does not properly read Z and M dimensions...Matthew Davis4 days
remotes/origin/STEM_2_0_0Fixing migration to use plugin version for new STEM projectsStefan Edlund2 years
stemLunaIncrementing bundle versions to 3.0.0Matthew Davis4 months
stemLuna2Testing add generated artifactsMatthew Davis6 months
TagDownloadAuthorAge  preEclipse4Merge.tar.gz  preEclipse4Merge.tar.xz  kun4 months  STEM_2_0_0_RELEASE.tar.gz  STEM_2_0_0_RELEASE.tar.xz  Stefan Edlund2 years  STEM_1_4_1_RELEASE.tar.gz  STEM_1_4_1_RELEASE.tar.xz  Matthew Davis3 years  STEM_1_4_0_RELEASE.tar.gz  STEM_1_4_0_RELEASE.tar.xz  Matthew Davis3 years  STEM_1_3_1_RELEASE.tar.gz  STEM_1_3_1_RELEASE.tar.xz  Matthew Davis4 years  STEM_1_3_0_RELEASE.tar.gz  STEM_1_3_0_RELEASE.tar.xz  Matthew Davis4 years  STEM_1_2_3_RELEASE.tar.gz  STEM_1_2_3_RELEASE.tar.xz  Matthew Davis4 years  STEM_1_2_2_RELEASE.tar.gz  STEM_1_2_2_RELEASE.tar.xz  Matthew Davis4 years  STEM_1_2_1_FOR_BABEL.tar.gz  STEM_1_2_1_FOR_BABEL.tar.xz  Matthew Davis5 years  STEM_1_2_1_RELEASE.tar.gz  STEM_1_2_1_RELEASE.tar.xz  Matthew Davis5 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
4 daysFix for bug 487435. ShpInputStream does not properly read Z and M dimensions...HEADmasterMatthew Davis1-2/+2
2016-01-11Bug fix to defect discovered by Teela Huff. work around to EMF bugJames Kaufman1-2/+4
2015-12-11Overriding generated implementation of StandardDiseaseInitializer to work aro...Matthew Davis1-5/+8
2015-10-12Modification to generated classMatthew Davis1-0/+2
2015-10-12Merging Eclipse 4.x-related modifications into STEM masterMatthew Davis206-1561/+1333
2015-10-12Renaming STEM 3 / Eclipse 4.x target platformMatthew Davis1-1/+1
2015-10-05Incrementing bundle versions to 3.0.0stemLunaMatthew Davis100-100/+100
2015-08-15Merging updates from the master branch in Luna branchMatthew Davis108-195/+207
2015-08-12Testing add generated artifactsstemLuna2Matthew Davis5-26/+29
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