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CRNT-28417 - updated web service for dynamic binding
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<li>WSDL URL - Specify location of the Web Service WSDL and click <strong>Load</strong>.
The Web service gets loaded. </li>
- <li>Service - Service to be invoked from the services listed in the previously loaded WSDL specification.</li>
+ <li>Service - Service to be invoked from the services listed in the previously loaded WSDL specification.
+ If you select the <strong>Dynamically Bound Services</strong> option, then the <strong>Endpoint</strong>
+ option is displayed. You can specify the endpoint for the web service. It means that
+ the URL in WSDL file can be different and at the runtime, the user can change the URL.
+ The dynamically bound service provides an extra access point where you can specify at runtime the concrete endpoint.
+ </li>
+ <p class="image"><img src="images/endpoint.png"
+ alt=""> <br>
+ <strong>Figure:</strong> Web Service Application - Endpoint</p>
<li>Port - Selects the port to be invoked from the ports provided by the previously selected service.</li>
<li>Operation - Selects the operation to be invoked from all operations provided by the previously selected port.
Note that Structured Types will be created implicitly with the definition of the Web Service Application Type,