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CRNT-26353 - Added message for classic drawing mode
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@@ -69,7 +69,12 @@ toolbar. The <strong>File Upload</strong> dialog box gets displayed.</p>
<p>Click <strong>Browse</strong> to locate the .XPDL file and click <strong>Upload</strong>.</p>
<p>Models created in the Eclipse-based modeler should support BPMN drawing mode (pools and lanes). When imported, only those models
-are displayed in the Business Process Modeling Perspective.</p>
+are displayed in the Business Process Modeling Perspective. If you import a model which supports Classic drawing mode
+of Eclipse, then the following message is displayed in the process diagram message area. This message is displayed
+when you try to open the process stored in Classic drawing mode.</p>
+<p class="image"><img src="images/classic.png" alt=""> <br>
+<strong>Figure:</strong> Import Model with Classic Mode</p>
<p>If the model of the same name already exists then the following confirmation dialog is displayed.</p>