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CRNT-26314 - Added gateway details
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<strong>Figure:</strong> Conditional Sequence Flow</p>
-<p>You can specify conditional expressions on outgoing connections of gateways.</p>
+<p>You can specify conditional expressions only on outgoing connections of gateways.</p>
<h3 id="con">Viewing Properties of Conditional Sequence Flow</h3>
<p>Click on the conditional sequence flow to view its properties.</p>
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The Business Process Modeling perspective supports AND and OR types of gateway connections.
You can implicitly join or split the gateway depending on the sequence flow added.
By default, XOR gateway type is supported.
+You can create unlimited in and out sequence flow connections from gateways.
+Gateways can be connected to other gateways. You can connect only activities and gateways with gateways.